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Did You Know...

... that the HF Chicks are challenging the Bad Boys?

Rookie Class winner at the World Challenge 2014
posted Jul 24th, 2014 - Jan Klapka's group of Czech 4-way teams is back in full strength for the Indoor Cloud League July competition. Bad Boys (AAA), HF Chicks (AA) and Zoonte (A) posted the first three videos from the Skydive Arena in Prague and outscored Florida at iFLY Orlando in two of the three categories easily.

The Sun Path Products NSL News had mentioned earlier that the internal situation of the Czech group has become very interesting, as the HF Chicks, Rookie Class winner at the World Challenge 2014, left all three ICL Rookie Class categories shattered behind (Rookie A: 32 - 27, Rookie AA: 29 - 42, Rookie AAA: 32 - 39) and are also not eligible any longer for the A Class sequences (26 - 31).

The HF Chicks can only post ICL scores for the AAA and AA Class sequences after their second A Class score of 25 points or higher. This brought the indoor team in direct competition with the Czech national 4-way team Bad Boys.

July 2014AAA ClassAA ClassA ClassRookie AAARookie AARookie ATotal
1iFLY Orlando (US)212517181922122
2Skydive Arena (CZ)243117---72
Creating competition for his own team: HF Chicks coach Bad Boy Vaclav Prokes
The battle for the Czech indoor top position, with AA Class sequences that could also be drawn for any AAA/Open Class competition, did not begin right away after the HF Chicks posted their 31-pointer for the A Class sequence in May, even though they took on their first AA Class sequence the same month.

The Bad Boys were far ahead of the HF Chicks (26 - 20) in May, and the HF Chicks then took a break in June. Now they came back for the July sequences and posted the impressive 31-pointer for the AA Class sequence.

The 31-pointer did not only outscore the Florida lineup at iFLY Orlando by six points. The interesting internal Czech aspect ist the fact that the HF Chicks also outscored both Czech national outdoor teams (Bad Boys 23 - CZ Ladies 27) with the same AA Class sequence (L,J,F,6) in July.

Realistic training for the world meet: Bad Boys exit
In fact, the Bad Boys even just saved their lives in the AAA Class (L,J,6,9) where the HF Chicks and the CZ Ladies both had 23-pointers for July. The Bad Boys are on the leaderboard with a 24-pointer. Both all-female lineups are now challenging the Czech national 4-way team in the AAA/Open Class.

This internal race seems to be pushing the Czech Indoor Cloud League scores to higher levels, and it could become very difficult for the other ICL groups to keep up. The Bad Boys will have to work hard if they want to appear on the ICL leaderboard at all in the future.

However, the fast July sequence presented an easier opportunity for the HF Chicks, since there were no slot switchers in the AAA Class. The Bad Boyz will probably have a serious advantage when memory is added to the AAA Class challenge. The Bad Boys also carry an additional burden - literally. They train with back-pack containers at the Skydive Arena to prepare more realistically for the FAI World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2014. Jan Klapka will follow up very soon with videos and scores for the three missing Rookie Class sequences.

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