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Did You Know...

... that V Shock won the internal Virginia DZ showdown last weekend?

CASL teams and competitors at Triangle Skydiving
posted Jul 16th, 2014 - A total of 56 teams are currently ranked on last weekend's overall leaderboard, which is not complete yet. The Midwest Skydiving League had a busy meet at Chicagoland Skydiving, and the scores will be added soon.

Most of the teams competed at Langar in the United Kingdom (26) and in Maubeuge, France (26), and the Sun Path Products NSL News will soon follow up with additional information of those events. Two of the five meets last weekend were smaller ones of the Virginia Parachute Council at Skydive Suffolk and of the Carolina Skydiving League at Triangle Skydiving.

Carolina Turbo XP member Andrew Happick provided the information from Triangle where Rookie Class team Carolina McThuggetz attended the team's third meet this year and posted the highest meet average of the 2014 season.

CASL - July 12th, 2014Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
RankRookie M,G,LH,O,BJ,D,AQ,K,PN,E,HC,F,OTotalAvg
1Carolina McThuggetz (US)CASL573576335.5
2Back to the D (US)CASL675346315.2
3Beyond Ambition (US)CASL11001030.5
CASL teams and competitors at Skydive Suffolk
Andrew Happick said that he had good weather and a good meet in Louisburg, North Carolina. The Carolina McThuggetz made the same trip as he did from the Turbo headquarters in Chester, South Carolina, to Triangle and took the first place in the Rookie Class for the third time this year.

However, he said that the McThuggetz had some competition this time with team Back to the D, the home team, who were actually leading until Round 5. He added that Beyond Ambition consisted of several newly licensed jumpers, with one more experienced member, Nelle Carroll, who has around 200 jumps.

Three other teams competed at Skydive Suffolk at the same time and posted scores on a similar average level in the AA Class. The first VPC meet this year was completely weathered out in May, and Skydive Orange's home team could not attend the meet last weekend. Elizabeth Kang provided the information from Virginia.

VPC - July 12th, 2014Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5TotalAvg
RankAA Class 21,4H,O,13J,11,D14,Q,1915,2TotalAvg
1V Shock (US)VPC410665316.2
2Suffolk Shaggers (US)VPC54744244.8
3The Afterthoughts (US)VPC2110-41.0
Suffolk Shaggers in action
The Afterthoughts were a pick-up team with skydivers from Skydive Orange (Allie Fox) and local Skydive Suffolk jumpers (Hugh Wurtz, Lucie Low, Rick Berndt). Alie Fox made her very first 4-way jumps at the meet with a total of 200 skydives. Elizabeth Kang said that Alie Fox was mostly angle flying since getting her license, and she didn't have a jump-suit with booties. She gave her a spare one for the meet, and the new 4-way competitor jumped it "with gusto". Former Golden Knights team captain Chris Wagner volunteered on camera for the team and helped with debriefing. Elisabeth Kang said that the meet turned out to be a great learning opportunity and that Alie Fox "had a blast".

Ian McKenzie, new DZ manager at Skydive Suffolk, was excited to participate in the meet and led his local pick-up team to a second place finish. They hope to be back for the August meet.

Virginia Skydiving Center's team consisted of the regular participants John and Christi Meyer, together with Camden Gonzalez and new member Mallory McCormick. V Shock had made a few jumps as a team prior to the meet, which were rewarded with the 10-pointer in Round 2.

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