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Did You Know...

... that 4-way world champion Josh Hall and Yvonne "Yo" Owyeong have big plans for Southern California?

Josh Hall with Elsinore GT in 2003
posted Jul 3rd, 2014 - This year's great comeback success of the Northern California Skydiving League must have been inspiring for competitors of the neighboring Southern California Skydiving League, which was launched even earlier than the original NCSL.

In fact, it was the Southwest Skydiving League, including Arizona and California, that became the first league in the NSL Network on the west coast in 2000. Arizona and California eventually separated and formed their own leagues due to the long travel distances. California also finally split up into the northern and the southern leagues.

The Northern California Skydiving League went into hibernation at the end of the 2001 season, while the Southern California Skydiving League has continued ever since, with Skydive Perris and Skydive Elsinore as the regular hosts, but with a decreasing participation.

SCSL - April 26th, 2014Round 1Round 2TotalAvg
RankAAA Class3,J,B,7E,19,G,1TotalAvg
1FunkyTown Monkey Pimps (US)SCSL127199.5
RankAA ClassJ,B,7E,19,GTotalAvg
1Elsinore Horizon (US)SCSL15102512.5
2Its A Secret (US)SCSL108189.0
RankA ClassJ,B,7E,19TotalAvg
1Team Steve One (US)SCSL5-55.0
2Critical Mass (US)SCSL0000.0
4-way world champion with Arizona Airspeed in 2012
The great comeback of the Northern California Skydiving League, initiated by Counterpoint FX member Lori Connor, will now be followed by a comeback in the southern part of the state.

Reigning 4way world champion Josh Hall, Point for Arizona Airspeed in 2011 and 2012, has been a part of most of the life of the Southern California Skydiving League. He lives in California and was a Perris Fury member before he joined Arizona Airspeed at the end of the 2010 season. He is motivated to bring back the exciting 4-way events that took place in his area in the first decade of the century.

His career in 4-way competition has always been based on teams and events in Southern California, even when he trained and competed with Arizona Airspeed and traveled back and forth all the time. He was also a member of Elsinore GT before he joined Perris Fury in 2005.

First Perris Fury lineup in 2005
Josh Hall was even more encouraged to bring back the Southern California Skydiving League to its best days when he learned that he would have great support by a highly motivated young skydiver.

As Lori Connor in Northern California, Yvonne "Yo" Owyeong has been highly motivated to offer more 4-way events to the skydivers in Southern California. She was born and raised in San Francisco and started skydiving in 2010 with an AFF course at Bay Area Skydiving. She moved to San Diego in March this year and has made Skydive Perris her home DZ.

Yvonne Owyeong and Josh Hall are now working together on the plans for the remainder of the 2014 season and a full launch of their event schedule in 2015. Southern and Northern California Skydiving League may even coordinate some of their efforts and include a Californian championship event next year.

SCSL - July 2007Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
RankAAA Class2 15 2110 D 8G E 4 KB M N 19H C 7 QO 1 F 22TotalAvg
1Perris Fury191926 29332214824.7
2Founding Fathers151622 23261711919.8
3UK Bodyflight Storm16142124231611419.0
4Arizona Directe151517 24231711118.5
5Tropical Fish121115 1814108013.3
RankAA Class2 1521 D 8G E 4B M N 19H C 7O 1 FTotalAvg
1Elsinore Aquila810 111310126410.7
2Elsinore Eleven9712 141296310.5
3Exult86 5997447.3
4The Dirty Puppets457 963345.7
RankA Class2 1921 DG E 4B M NH C 7O F QTotalAvg
1Elsinore Havoc464 7715437.2
2Perris Momentum452 1156335.5
With the Founding Fathers at an SCSL meet
John Hamilton and Dan BC, both DZ operators in Elsinore and Perris and former Arizona Airspeed members, have expressed their full support of the new plans. Both hosts had scheduled only one competition this year as the lowest point of the past SCSL years, and they would enjoy a strong comeback.

John Hamilton and Dan BC are both still passionate 4-way fans and compete at the USPA Nationals year after year. They also attended some of the SCSL meets together with the Founding Fathers 4-way team. However, they have very busy work schedules and appreciate the efforts by Josh Hall and Yvonne Owyeong to provide the leadership for the Southern California Skydiving League.

Josh Hall and Yvonne Owyeong will soon announce the first SCSL activities, including skills training and networking camps, plus indoor events.

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