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Did You Know...

... that the Northern California Skydiving League added a top contender to the AA Class rankings?

Training hard: Team Singularity
posted Jul 1st, 2014 - The Sun Path Products NSL News reported on 26 June 2014 that the AA Class scores of the June 21 weekend provided a preview of this year's competition at the USPA Nationals in the AA/Intermediate Class.

It took only one week until the next AA Class team posted a 2-digit meet average, which indicates medal contention at the national championships. The Northern California Skydiving League completed its third meet this year last weekend, and Team Singularity finished with a 10.8 average.

Singularity had launched the team's 2014 competition season with an 8.5 average at the Valentines Meet 2014 and followed up with the 2-digit average last weekend. The 10.8 average is very close to the top spot, as the current leader (Elsinore Horizon) completed only two rounds with faster sequences for the 12.5 average.

RankUS AA/Intermediate Class TeamsLeague10+ AveragesBest
1Elsinore Horizon (US)SCSL12.512.5
2Synergy (US)NWSL11.511.5
3Spaceland Tsunami (US)TSL11.311.3
4Team Singularity (US)NCSL8.5 - 10.810.8
5Carolina Dynamic (US)CASL10.310.3
Meet coach Samer Haija
Team Singularity competed together with seven other teams in Lodi last weekend, which was a new record attendance for the rejuvenated league. NCSL director Lori Connor has attracted a total of 14 teams to the three meets this year so far.

She brought Former Spark and Arizona Directe member Samer Haija as the meet coach for all teams to last weekend's competition. Lori Connor said that the teams appreciated his help very much, and that she will bring more free coaching to her meets this year.

Samer Haija helped all day at the mock-up and on the creeper pad. At the end of the day, he also presented a Coach’s Choice award to Less Sparkle, and Lori Connor explained his decision: "They kept him laughing all day with their great sense of humor and happy attitude..." Meet Judge Bryan Siepert presented the Judge’s Choice award to Rookie Class team Last Minute.

NCSL 2014- June MeetRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
RankAA ClassH,Q,212,N,D4,98,F,BC,1,20O,L,13TotalAvg
1Team Singularity (US)121011138116510.8
2Safeish (US)985955416.8
3Bona Fide (US)765515294.8
RankA ClassH,Q,212,N4,98,FC,D,BO,L,JTotalAvg
1Counterpoint FX (US)9443--205.0
2Incapable (US)7412--143.5
3High Anxiety (US)4302--92.3
3Less Sparkle (US)4122--92.3
1Last Minute (US)2554--164.0
Safe with new videographer: Safeish with Karl Secks
Lori Connor said that Singularity has been training hard in the wind tunnel and in the air, and it showed.

She also reported a change in the Safeish lineup the night before the meet. Karl Secks, who is the regular videographer for Singularity, filled the open slot for Safeish.

Karl Secks and Safeish member Matt Stephens used to be team mates with 4way team Kaleidoscope and now had their own reunion last weekend. Matt Stephens also had his father, Monty Stephens, in the Safeish lineup.

Singularity still needed a camera solution when Karl Secks offered his help to fill Safeish's open slot. Nick Armstrong, Incapable's videographer, said he would be ready to cover both teams, and the meet was on its way.

New Counterpoint FX lineup with Samer Haija
A Class winner Counterpoint FX was filmed by the team's new videographer Bryan Stokes. He was recently an instructor in the Wings of Blue program at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

Counterpoint FX also had a new Point last weekend. Abbie Crews was on a cadet team in the Wings of Blue program at the Academy, as well.

She was a team member of Air Force 7XY who placed 5th in the AA/Intermediate Class competition of the USPA Nationals 2006 with an 11.7 average.

The meet video shows the three category winners with their best rounds of the meet.

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