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Did You Know...

... that David and Andy Grauwels competed in Italy last weekend?

Livio Piccolo (left) with Sinapsi at the World Meet 2010
posted Jun 27th, 2014 - Teams from Italy used to be a part of the international NSL 4way Network years ago when IPC official Sara Saccet and Sinapsi member Livio Piccolo synchronized several events with other meet locations in the NSL 4way world.

It has been quiet for a while as of information coming from Italy until Paolo Giazzi introduced a similar competition format this year that has been applied within the NSL Network for a long time. He and his group of organizers made an effort to make it as easy as possible for teams to participate in 4way competition by synchronizing competition draw and rules and including as many hosts on the same meet weekend as possible.

He said that teams would save the usual costs involved in traveling to attend competitions. Teams could jump the competition rounds at their home drop zones and still be a part of the bigger picture.

June 21st, 2014Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5TotalAvg
RankAAA ClassH,5,2010,L,F,OQ,16,19P,9,D,J7,M,14TotalAvg
1Happy Alien Team (IT)14171731199819.6
2Assouei (IT)10111017105811.6
3Evolution Gold (IT)811917115611.2
RankA ClassQ,J,L9,KD,196,O21,GTotalAvg
1Ematoma RW5 (IT)1013997489.6
2Ichnos (IT)11108106459.0
3Mojito 2.2 (IT)813748408.0
4C4 BFU (IT)775108377.4
5Zero (IT)67698367.2
5Brain Storming (IT)85599367.2
7Escort Fly (IT)99627336.6
8LATO B Puse Cu Che Anima (IT)78673316.2
9Randagi (IT)87545295.8
1Sky Hard (IT)8129119499.8
2YesWeCan (IT)912897459.0
3I Maschioni (IT)99699428.4
4Katana (IT)3107108387.6
5Mad In Sud (IT)793105346.8
6SBAM (IT)48356265.2
7Be:-)Fane (IT)17583244.8
8BARZ8 (IT)44423173.4
Andy and David Grauwels (green) in Italy
Paolo Giazzi said that last weekend's first event would be a test to see if everything goes smoothly:

"We hope to have more teams next time and more competitions along the year."

The Italian teams might be fully integrated again in the synchronized NSL Network at the next event.

It turned to be a very successful weekend in Italy with 20 participating teams in three of the four NSL categories (AAA - A - Rookie).

The next meet weekend is scheduled for October, and the organizers will use the meantime to make adjustments wherever they might be necessary to support the new format.

Happy Alien Team exit
The competition draw in Italy included a Super Sequence (P,9,D,J) in Round 4, and the 31-pointer of the best AAA Class team, Happy Alien Team, caught the attention of the Sun Path Products NSL News.

A closer look at the team's lineup shows very familiar names of some team members. NMP-PCH Hayabusa members David and Andy Grauwels were on a coaching trip in Italy and joined forces with Igor Galvan, an experienced Italian 4way competitor, and his Italian friend Max Alberdi.

The Belgian Grauwels brothers in the Italian meet environment can be watched on the new NSL-TV video. A Class teams and competitors can also watch the Italian winner in this category, Ematoma RW5.

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