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Did You Know...

... that Spaceland Lite broke up for the Texas Shootout 2014?

Broke up for a day: Spaceland Lite
posted Jun 25th, 2014 - Texas 4-way competitors enjoyed a fun mixed meet at Skydive Spaceland on June 21, hosted by long-term Open Class 4-way team Spaceland Lite.

Now in its fourth year, the Texas Shootout has always been a typical 4-way meet. Teams sign up for the event and play. This year, however, Lite had a lot of interest in participating from several jumpers who had attended their tunnel camps, but weren't yet on teams. Spaceland Lite decided to break up for a day to form player-coach pickup teams. Results were four pickup teams, three of them with Lite player-coaches.

"It's important for Lite to support and grow 4-way competition in Texas, and this worked out great to jump with some of our campers and help them put their tunnel skills in the air," said Lite point flyer Devon Shows.

Texas Shootout 2014Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
RankAAA ClassP,D,O,718,A,F,615,8,13H,C,19,317,N,112,21,BTotalAvg
1Dallas 350 (US)2013111613148714.5
2Spaceland SPX5 (US)161261110116611.0
3Whats Our Team Name (US)17118107106310.5
RankAA ClassP,D,O,718,A,F15,8H,C,196,N,112,21TotalAvg
1Spaceland Tsunami (US)141381211106811.3
2Spaceland Toxic (US)14127998599.8
3Showers WWO (US)954856376.2
4Huh (US)665655335.5
1BRML (US)5913785477.8
Whats Our Team Name with Raykipo member Hari Ganapathy and Spaceland Lite member Christy West
Eight teams competed, with previous Lite tunnel campers jumping on six of them. Two videographers (Cory Kossan and Matt Sandt) graciously did double duty to cover video for two teams apiece. Skydive Spaceland dedicated the drop zone's Twin Otter to the competition, allowing the meet to finish and awards to wrap up by 6 pm despite a two-hour weather hold.

Visiting team Dallas 350 ran away in the AAA Class, with 87 points in six rounds for a 14.5 average. Second and third places were much closer, with Spaceland SPX5 edging out (66 - 63) Lite-captained pickup team What's My Team Name.

The AA Class was hotly contested at the top, with only two points separating Spaceland Tsunami and Spaceland Toxic after three rounds. In the end, Tsunami took the hardware with 68 points and an 11.3 average. Toxic placed second with 59 points and a 9.8 average. Lite-captained pickup team Showers Well With Others finished in 3rd place. The single team in the Rookie Class was Lite-coached, as well, and BRML posted a 7.8 average.

June 21st, 2014Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
RankAAA ClassP,D,O,718,A,F,615,8,13H,C,19,317,N,112,21,BTotalAvg
1Dallas 350 (US)2013111613148714.5
2Bad Boys (CZ)1813101414128113.5
3Spaceland SPX5 (US)161261110116611.0
4Whats Our Team Name (US)17118107106310.5
5CZ Ladies (CZ)15928810528.7
6Vesce (SI)8658511437.2
Second best Rookie Class average of the year: BRML
Rookie Class team BRML posted the second highest average this year in the category. Only DeLand 3D scored higher with an 8.3 average. It was no surprise that the BRML team members were thrilled after the meet:

"When I signed up for the Texas Shootout, I had no idea I was going to get to make six consecutive 4-way jumps with world-class skydivers who have won gold medals in national competition," said Michael Harvey of BRML. "I can’t even begin to say how lucky I feel and thankful I am to have had that opportunity. Yesterday was a day I will never forget. You guys are AWESOME!!!"

The AAA Class teams from Texas also took control of the overall leaderboard. Dallas 350 was able to outscore the Czech national 4way team Bad Boys to win the category. The Bad Boys also posted new Indoor Cloud League scores this week, and that's another story...

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