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Did You Know...

... that teams from France won all AAA Class rounds last weekend?

French Air Force team from Nice
posted Jun 9th, 2014 - It does not happen very often that the same overall leaderboard of a meet weekend has two tied finishes on the top. It might have been the first time in NSL and SKYLEAGUE.COM history that two French teams shared the lead in the AAA Class, while two other teams were tied after ten A Class rounds in Germany.

There were even more tied rankings after the adjustments on the AAA Class leaderboard. The French teams completed eight rounds when AAA and A Class teams finished after the ten scheduled rounds at the annual Paranodon Cup in Germany. The total number of points after eight rounds changed some of the rankings and created two additional ties in the AAA Class.

The Sun Path Products NSL News had reported on Saturday that Monaco Vitalsea was on the way to turn the tables with the French Air Force team from Nice. It did not happen, as Armee de l'Air came back to win the second day over Vitalsea by four points and caught up.

June 7th, 2014Rd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4Rd. 5Rd. 6Rd. 7Rd. 8Rd. 9Rd. 10T.Avg
RankAAA Class10,11,D3,6,H22,7,A4,2,1B,Q,C,2117,P,N,5K,20,14E,18,19J,12,G,816,O,M,15T.Avg
1Monaco Vitalsea (MC)1316161318181213--11914.9
1Armee Air Nice (FR)1115151318181316--11914.9
3Pink Saulgau (DE)1114131218171213111411013.5
4Alcolor (DE)1113121116171112111310312.7
5Smooteam PCP Maubeuge (FR)813121214181212--10112.6
6Annecy Artupox Nolimit (FR)1010121219131212--10012.5
7Invidia Maubeuge (FR)1112111014121112--9311.6
8Tororouge Orleans (FR)911910161499--8710.9
9Le 4 Clermont Bouloc Flyzone (FR)101111101312910--8610.8
9Airdinger (DE)810117151610910118610.7
11Paranodon Senior (DE)981111151210811148410.9
123P1L Alsace Moselle (FR)91099131397--799.9
13Titten & Beer (DE)78116131187810718.9
13Annecy D Air (FR)8898101189--718.9
15Les Sombr Heros EDCL78 PCP (FR)58967289--546.8
A Class winner at Paranodon in Germany: Pixies from Switzerland
Two German teams managed to break into the armada of French AAA Class teams. However, the highscores for all rounds were still in French possession, and two other French teams (Smooteam PCP Maubeuge, Annecy Artupox Nolimit) contributed to the French highscore dominance for each round.

There was no international competition in the AA Class where only teams from France competed last weekend, and the German teams were by themselves in the A Class.

However, the Junior lineup of host Paranodon shared the 1st place with a team from Switzerland, the Pixies.

The Swiss guests were eventually declared the winner after a tie-breaking procedure.

Team Airbus with Thomas Mack, Andreas Trögele and Olaf Biedermann
The host had a Senior lineup in the AAA Class, as well, who battled with Airdinger for the 3rd place of the Paranodon Cup. It was a meeting of two different generations of German national champions. Jan Rojek, German national 4way and 8way champion of 1988, competed for Paranodon Senior, while Airdinger's Olaf Biedermann has won several national titles in 4way and 8way after Jan Rojek had stepped back.

Olaf Biedermann had his EADS/Airbus team mate Thomas Mack in the Airdinger lineup, and team videographer Andreas Trögele was filming the pickup team. The Sun Path Products NSL News had posted a team update from Germany on 2 May 2014. Thomas Mack had a busy weekend, as he competed with Paranodon Senior, as well. That's where Andreas Trögele was also filming his father Robert Trögele in 4way action.

Airdinger had the 2-point upper hand after eight rounds, as the adjusted leaderboard shows. However, the Seniors had a strong finish and won the bronze medals of the Paranodon Cup 2014 after ten rounds by two points.

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