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Did You Know...

... that AtomiX and Sky4s won the 2014 outdoor season opener in Germany?

Winner at the Nord Cup 2013: Original AtomiX lineup
posted May 26th, 2014 - The Sun Path Products NSL News coverage of the new competition weekend begins with the first part of the Nord Cup 2014, which was hosted by Take Off Skydiving in Fehrbellin near Berlin, Germany's capital city.

Last year, the first Nord Cup meet was over after one round, with Wolf Pack and AtomiX tied in 1st place. AtomiX then easily won the second part with a 12.6 average, after placing 7th at the German Nationals 2013 with a promising 12.2 average. Plans were made for the 2014 season and soon had to be put on a hold when bad news followed at the end of the year.

Center Inside Peter Ingenhaag suffered a severe injury while jumping in Dubai in December. AtomiX had to look for an alternate when it became clear that Peter Ingenhaag needed surgery and would noy be available for a longer time period.

Nord Cup 2014 - Part 1Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7Round 8TotalAvg
RankAAA ClassG,13,192,B,205,9,1621,6,F10,O,Q,1122,N,1418,12,JM,D,L,1TotalAvg
1AtomiX (DE)914141391111179812.3
2Wolf Pack (DE)913121311108138911.1
3Askania (DE)7109887812698.6
RankA ClassF,6E,H,PO,19M,4B,21F,9E,7O,2TotalAvg
1Sky4s (DE)1118111013149129812.3
2KaMaJuMa (DE)81087611108688.5
3Flughornchen (DE)8106781099678.4
44 Little Fonzies (DE)88477978587.3
5Bluebirds (DE)511458199526.5
Winner at the Nord Cup 2014: AtomiX with Enrico Kaufmann
AtomiX found former Airfix Fehrbellin member Enrico Kaufmann, who filled the Teil slot last weekend at the Nord Cup, while Peter Ingenhaag's original piece partner took the Center Inside position. The original AtomiX member in recovery has still been in great support for the team and helped as much as he could in the meantime. He has also been coaching other teams (4 Little Fonzies, Flughornchen) who competed last weekend.

AtomiX trained with Enrico Kaufmann for two weeks in Z-hills in February/March and followed up with indoor training in April. It was time to get back in the air again at the beginning of May when coach Luc Verstrepen visited the AtomiX home in Itzehoe (YUU Skydive). The Nord Cup was the first competition this year after four 4way meets in 2013.

Peter Ingenhaag was glad to see that his team was back to the same scoring level with the substitute where AtomiX had finished the 2013 season. Now he hopes that he will soon be back in his Center Inside slot. AtomiX has scheduled a 3-day camp at the end of June. Peter Ingenhaag's recovery has been going very well, and he hopes that another CT scan before the next training will confirm his planned comeback.

German Nationals 2013Rd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4Rd. 5Rd. 6Rd. 7Rd. 8Rd. 9Rd. 10TotalAvg
RankAAA ClassB,7,11P,C,4,5J,D,O,216,18,151,L,2M,9,K,1319,N,Q,12G,22,14E,H,A,8F,20,3TotalAvg
7AtomiX (DE)13131691115118131312212.2
RankAA ClassB,7,11P,C,4J,O,216,181,L,2M,9,K19,N,QG,22,14E,H,A,8F,20,DTotalAvg
1Flash Four Soest (DE)121114881898131311411.4
2Skynamite (DE)1012117810126107939.3
3Pacmen (DE)9101197146789909.0
RankA ClassB,7M,4O,21E,6F,2M,9B,19O,Q,PE,H,AF,J,NTotalAvg
1In Touch Kassel (DE)1411121113141115171513313.3
2Evo Saulgau (DE)12131095131019151412012.0
3Das KOs Saar (DE)1179961195109868.6
A Class winner Sky4s in action
AtomiX plans to follow up with a 10-day-camp in July, once again with coach Luc Verstrepen, which will be the main part of the final preparations for the German Nationals 2014. AtomiX is also planning to compete at the ESL Championship 2014 in September.

Another AtomiX member was helping the winner of the A Class competition. Tail Janina Jungen has been working with Sky4s who posted an impressive 12.3 average last weekend.

Sky4s trains from a Cessna Caravan in Stadtlohn and launched the 2014 competition season in the A Class. The new team will move up into the AA Class at the national championships. Last year's results of the German Nationals indicate that Sky4s might be in contention for the top spots in either category. AtomiX will try to get as close as possible to the AAA Class medal positions in Germany where the 4way veteran teams have been dominating the leaderboard for many years...

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