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Did You Know...

... that each of the six FSL lineups posted scores for the Indoor Cloud League night at iFLY Orlando?

FSL Indoor Cloud League competitors at iFLY Orlando
posted May 14th, 2014 - April was the first month this year where indoor and outdoor scores were supposed to be posted in turns at the meets in Florida. FSL teams and competitors collected Indoor Cloud League points for iFLY Orlando in April, however, the outdoor season opener was completely weathered out.

This month, the indoor/outdoor combination gets the next opportunity, and the first part was successfully completed last night at iFLY Orlando. The Florida Skydiving League now follows up with the next attempt of getting 4way teams in and out of the jump planes this weekend.

Most of the participants who attended the FSL Tunnel Kicker last night will compete this weekend, as well, where only the four traditional competition classes (AAA - AA - A - Rookie) will be applied.

May 2014AAA ClassAA ClassA ClassRookie AAARookie AARookie ATotal
1iFLY Orlando (US)181821(-1)1819(-1)29(-3)123
Hal Spence at work with Jairo Garcia and Michael Patterson
The two additional Rookie Class categories have been very popular and successful, as they allow new flyers to learn the very basis of Formation Skydiving competition performance.

The Florida group at iFLY Orlando posted once again scores for all six categories at the first meeting and matched their own total of April early this month. The Rookie A Class lineup included once again a new Indoor Cloud participant, Jairo Garcia, who will probably move up very quickly into the next category.

He was teamed up with Michael Patterson who had his Indoor Cloud League debut in April with a 19-pointer in the same category. Hal Spence had prepared both for their first 4way sequence together earlier last night with 2way and 3way drills. Keith Murray took the 4th slot for the player coach.

Carolina Fly Girl in Florida: Dani Bridges
The first May Tunnel Kicker of the Florida Skydiving League at iFLY Orlando also included the comeback of Dani Bridges. She used to train and compete with the Carolina Fly Girls in 2010 where she had the Point slot. She lives and works in Florida now and joined her first Tunnel Kicker as the Center Inside for the A Class lineup (Keith Murray, John Stares, Jon Agar, Dani Bridges).

Keith Murray and Jon Agar are original Zunday members, while former Zeus member John Stares has joined Zunday for the 2014 season. He is in the Point position for his team, and Dani Bridges was flying the Center Inside slot for her first time to support the Zunday training. She liked the slot and did so well that she may keep it for the near future.

Some of the lineups had once again internal FSL competition, which can be followed through the three flying sessions for the Indoor Cloud League sequences on the new video clip. The participants at iFLY Orlando last night were still so well matched that each of the six lineups ended up with a score on the leaderboard.

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