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Did You Know...

... that bad weather interfered with SDC Rhythm XP's visit at the SCSL season opener?

AAA Class team FunkyTown Monkey Pimps in action
image by: Thad Parker
posted May 12th, 2014 - The Sun Path Products NSL News reported on 25 March 2014 that SDC Rhythm XP was planning to go west for the Southern California Skydiving League season opener at Perris Skydiving.

The event actually took place, even though the weather forecast was not good at all, and the weather situation eventually did not turn not much different than the forecast. However, a handful of teams tried to beat the weather and completed up to two rounds on the SCSL meet weekend.

Three of the four Rhythm members had slots as player coaches, and team videographer Thad Parker was filming the only AAA Class team, FunkyTown Monkey Pimps, where Rhythm's Center Inside Christy Frikken competed with Terry Duplaise (Center Outside), Tracy Bohm (Point) and Tom Bohm (Tail).

SCSL - April 26th, 2014Round 1Round 2TotalAvg
RankAAA Class 3,J,B,7E,19,G,1TotalAvg
1FunkyTown Monkey Pimps (US)SCSL127199.5
RankAA Class J,B,7E,19,GTotalAvg
1Elsinore Horizon (US)SCSL15102512.5
2Its A Secret (US)SCSL108189.0
RankA Class J,B,7E,19TotalAvg
1Team Steve One (US)SCSL5-55.0
2Critical Mass (US)SCSL0000.0
Christy Frikken with FunkyTown Monkey Pimps
image by: Thad Parker
SDC Rhythm XP was on hand not only to jump with several teams but also provided lots of help on the ground, as Christy Frikken reported: "The forecasted weather was awful, but a few teams braved the drive to happily discover it wasn’t all terrible..."

She said that the skilled pilots helped most teams to get a few rounds in before the sky closed up: "The jumps were great, and all teams got in on some coaching from Rhythm and also some great feedback from our judge Steve Miller."

Perris also has a wind tunnel, and Christy Frikken said that some teams and competitors took advantage of the alternative: "After the meet was called, a few teams even snuck off to the tunnel for a little bonus flying." Elsinore Horizon had former Arizona Airspeed member John Hamilton filling a slot and posted the team's first 2014 scores.

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