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Did You Know...

... that the NCSL Rookie Class teams experimented with lineups and slots?

posted Apr 30th, 2014 - It's a fact now - the Northern California Skydiving League is back.

The Sun Path Products NSL News reported last year that plans were in the works to bring back 4way competition on a regular basis to the league that began their first activities in 2000. League director Lori Connor prepared her 4way community for the 2014 outdoor season with the Indoor Cloud League events at iFLY SF Bay throughout the winter. The story on 18 March 2014 followed up with a preview of the NCSL comeback this year.

The 2014 season opener took place last weekend at Skydive Lodi, and seven teams came out to post scores in all four competition classes. Many of the participants had collected Indoor Cloud League points for iFLY SF Bay before and were now competing only for their own teams.

NCSL - April 26th, 2014Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
RankAAA Class3,J,B,7E,19,G,19,13,156,22,M14,D,A,1112,F,P,4TotalAvg
1XXXXO (US)181512128137813.0
RankAA ClassJ,B,7E,19,G9,136,2214,D,AF,P,4TotalAvg
1Sparkle (US)5420--112.8
RankA ClassJ,B,7E,199,G6,KD,A,QF,P,4TotalAvg
1Counterpoint FX (US)80547-244.8
2High Anxiety (US)41343-153.0
1Last Minute (US)1252--102.5
2Lady Helicopter (US)2115--92.3
3Team Alex (US)0000--00.0
Bad luck with video failure: Counterpoint FX
Lori Connor's team, Counterpoint FX, had bad luck in Round 2 where a zero had to be posted after a video recording failure. All zeros on the NCSL leaderboard will soon turn into other numbers at the upcoming meets.

The three Rookie Class teams were still experimenting with their lineups and slots. The regional league meets are the perfect opportunity to try different slots and meet other 4way competitors. Clayton Crowe competed for Rookie Class winner Last Minute only last weekend. Vignesh Elamvazhuthi is the team's Center Outside and will be back for the NCSL May meet. Monty Stephens filled the camera slot for Last Minute's videographer Nick Esposito.

Lady Helicopter, only one point behind in 2nd place, will also be back with a different lineup at the next meet. Team Alex was scrambling the slots throughout the whole meet. Teams of the Southern California Skydiving League also competed last weekend for the first time this year in Perris, and the Sun Path Products NSL News will follow up soon with more details.

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