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... that 8way pickup team Voltevobusa had a wealth of 8way experience available?

30.7 average in 8way: Golden Knights
posted Apr 25th, 2014 - The Sun Path Products NSL News is going back once again to the 8way competition at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2014.

It was necessary to correct a mistake that was recently brought up to the editor's attention. One of the 8way videos embedded in the story on 6 March 2014 did not really fit to the topic. The ten 8way rounds of the Golden Knights were supposed to be on the screen, while a US Army 4way lineup of many years ago was performing in the middle of the 8way story.

The Golden Knights followed up with the first outdoor scores of the year a week later at the Paraclete XP Outdoor Championship 2014, and the new 8way videos probably compensated enough for the missing one. However, the online audience can now also review the very impressive indoor performance of the Golden Knights.

Paraclete XP Indoor 2014Rd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4Rd. 5Rd. 6Rd. 7Rd. 8Rd. 9Rd. 10TotalAvg
Rank8way Open ClassF,8,N,P19,17,E10,11,622,L,16Q,9,H,GD,15,17,J,M,25,B,134,18,12C,3,A,OTotalAvg
1Golden Knights 8 (US)28242439323926242843307(30.3)
2Paraclete XP8 (US)27242635273724233340296(30.0)
3Venturi (FR)22202329272824212634254(26.3)
7Voltevobusa (INT)------19192837103(25.8)
4Paraclete XP (US)19181824212319152225204(20.3)
5Monster XP (US)14111417101813141619146(15.5)
6Spaceland Lite 8 (US)15101015121712131516135(14.0)
Voltevobusa lineup at the Paraclete XP Indoor 2014
The 8way competition video of the Golden Knights comes along with the four rounds of Voltevobusa, the international 8way pickup team of world class 4way competitors. The same earlier Sun Path Products NSL News story briefly introduced the lineup. The team members (Damien Gouriou, Pierre Emmanuel Balages, Dave Grauwels, Mathieu Bernier, Dennis Praet, Julien Degen, Andy Grauwels, Katie Woods) had decided to join the 8way competition for the last four rounds when the 4way event was completed.

The lineup was a collection of world class 4way competitors, and all team members had scored averages of 28.0 and higher at the 4way competition of the same event. However, 8way competition, especially in the wind tunnel, is still a completely different world, and the 25.8 average for the four rounds is a very impressive result for a pickup team.

The manipulated leaderboard shows how close the international pickup team was to the trained 8way teams.

Julien Degen - Mathieu Bernier
All Voltevobusa members are full time 4way competitors at the moment, however, there was still a wealth of 8way experiences and expertise available for the team. Mathieu Bernier and Julien Degen won 8way gold medals for France together in 2006 and 2008, and Mathieu Bernier added another gold medal to his collection in 2010. Both together also finished off their 8way career for France with silver at the Mondial Dubai 2012.

Their new Volt'R 4way team mates Damien Gouriou and Pierre Emmanuel Balages either were not new to 8way competition at all. They trained and competed with the French 8way B-Team throughout the whole 2013 season and were carefully prepared by national coach Jeremie Rollett for a potential 8way career. They ended up in the new French national 4way team and went back to 8way competition for a day at Paraclete.

The three NMP-PCH Hayabusa members (Dave Grauwels, Andy Grauwels, Dennis Praet) and Katie Woods (Evolution) just had to execute the French 8way advice using their incredible skills, and the result of this pickup combination of experiences and talent can once again be watched on the video clip.

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