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Did You Know...

... that NSL-TV presents two hours in the competition life of NMP-PCH Hayabusa?

4 in a row at the World Challenge: NMP-PCH Hayabusa
posted Apr 6th, 2014 - The NSL-TV coverage of the top teams in 4way Open and 4way Women at the World Challenge 2014 live from the flying chamber at Bodyflight Bedford missed a few rounds when the Sun Path Products NSL News had other topics on the meet agenda. One of them was the best indoor 4way team in the history of Formation Skydiving competition, NMP-PCH Hayabusa.

Fortunately, there is other footage available that presents all teams from the judging perspective, and NSL-TV will follow up with as much videos as possible. Bodyflight Bedford and InTime provided the footage from the top view and allowed the Sun Path Products NSL News to use it for the aftermath.

The audience now has the opportunity to get a third angle of the Belgian team who won the World Challenge for the 4th consecutive time. Most videos recorded by the NSL-TV camera on eye level have been uploaded, and Hayabusa's competition videos from the judging view have been added with this news update. The third angle might be the most interesting one, as it provides an insight view from the team's perspective - two hours in the competition life of NMP-PCH Hayabusa.

World Challenge 2014Rd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4Rd. 5Rd. 6Rd. 7Rd. 8Rd. 9Rd. 10TotalAvg
Rank4way Open17,18,195,16,64,N,13P,F,12,MJ,D,10,KG,3,O,CH,22,1420,2,81,21,1115,7,LTotalAvg
1NMP-PCH Hayabusa (BE)2729283632362521243329129.1
3VoltR (FR)2624233328322322213126326.3
4Gavroches Maubeuge (FR)2325243331312018212825425.4
Block 2 story of the Mondial 2012 with Dennis Praet
The Sun Path Products NSL News followed Hayabusa through a complete cycle of one round at Bodyflight Bedford. The coverage begins shortly before entering the flying chamber for Round 7 and ends when the Belgians end up at the same spot ready for Round 8. It was a very interesting journey with the team and included a few unexpected surprises - for the Sun Path Products NSL News as much as for the team.

Point Dennis Preat had a major role in two of the unexpected parts of the story. First, Bodyflight Bedford's TV production team interfered with the normal team routine during a competition with a funny project where Dennis Preat had to pack a parachute quickly. He and the whole team were great sports and played along very well.

Then the sequence for Round 8 included Block 2 (Side Body Dount - Side Flaked Donut), and the preparations brought back memories of the dramatic finish at the Mondial Dubai 2012. Dennis Preat had no problem explaining the situation and added a few pointers for all front pieces when Block 2 comes up. The two hours with Hayabusa were very much worth the long break...

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