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... that it is great to have the opportunity to learn from those we have taught in the past?

8way world champion Andy Honigbaum with Arizona Airspeed in 2004
posted Apr 2nd, 2014 - Two more groups have provided their final scores for the March sequences of the Indoor Cloud League, iFLY SF Bay and iFLY Seattle. This brings the participation to the same record level of February 2014, even though SkyVenture Montreal scored only in two categories and SkyVenture New Hampshire did not have any scores for March.

The reason for the same great outcome is the entry of a new group at iFLY Dallas into the young league project with scores for all six categories. The scores and videos of Deb Correia's Northwest Skydiving League group at iFLY Seattle was one of the two late submissions, as it was a difficult month for her.

She held several events, including two meets for the Indoor Cloud League participants, and she was missing some of her judging and editing staff. On the fortunate end, she had a high-profile player coach available this time, who was flying the AAA and AA sequences with the other player coaches. Former Arizona Airspeed and Paraclete XP member Andy Honigbaum was visiting iFLY Seattle at the right time.

March 2014AAA ClassAA ClassA ClassRookie AAARookie AARookie ATotal
1Skydive Arena (CZ)273026324218175
2iFLY Orlando (US)212423302821147
3iFLY Seattle (US)222517222420130
6iFLY SF Bay (US)21(-1)1921181911109
4iFLY Dallas (US)1122(-1)1513221598
5SkyVenture Montreal (CA)2724----51
7SkyVenture New Hampshire (US)-------
Andy Honigbaum with Paraclete XP4 in 2011
Team iFLY Seattle held two major events in March. Deb Correia said that she has continued to limit the number of participants to allow everyone more opportunity to fly and learn, while several other teams who are training for an upcoming tunnel competition on May 4th tried to provide scores for iFLY Seattle's Indoor Cloud League account, as well.

The NWSL coaches encouraged the teams to fly the March sequences during their training to turn in scores for iFLY Seattle, but none of those beat the scores achieved during the meets of the NWSL Indoor Cloud League events. Deb and Dave Correia first trained two new flyers (Isaac Bahr, Randy Barbee) with 1-on-1 training and eventually turned in the scores for the Rookie A and Rookie AA sequences with the same flyers.

Isaac Bahr, Randy Barbee both returned for the second ICL meeting in March and increased their initial scores, with coaches Carolyn Chow and Deb Correia this time. Deb Correia also said that participant Babs Selig flew with new 4way suit and new helmet in the Rookie AA Class, and the scores went up as if she were flying with new NSL Gloves...

Enjoyed flying the AAA and AA Class sequences with Andy Honigbaum: NWSL coaches
Andy Honigbaum was visiting to help out iFLY Seattle during their flight instructor training program. It was an interesting reunion with Dave Correia who was his instructor when Andy Honigbaum was a skydiving student.

Dave Correia, Jeff Smith, Deb Correia and Carolyn Chow all had the opportunity to fly with him while he was visiting, and the group of NWSL coaches with Andy Honigbaum in the lineup submitted the scores for the AA and AAA sequences. Deb Correia explained how they enjoyed the special reunion: "It is so great to have the opportunity to learn from those we have taught in the past...!"

The new sequences for the month of April are posted and bring more memory training for the front piece in the AAA Class.

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