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Did You Know...

... that the Czech teams are warming up for the World Challenge 2014?

Fast Arrows at the World Challenge 2009
posted Mar 15th, 2014 - The 4way teams in the Czech Republic are almost done with their indoor winter season. One more meet is scheduled for the beginning of April, following the World Challenge 2014, after the completion of the March meet last Thursday.

Three of the teams who competed at the Skydive Arena will also travel to Bodyflight Bedford, and they are in great shape. The Bad Boyz repeated their 18.6 record average that they posted in February. The Czech national 4way team will be the first AAA Class team to compete at the World Challenge.

Only AA Class team Fast Arrows made the trip from the Czech Republic to the United Kingdom in 2009 before this year's event. The Czech delegation actually consists of four teams. The national team in the female 4way category, CZ Ladies, will also collect international competition experiences in Bedford. This year's scoring progression (10.3 - 11.5 - 13.2) shows that the team will be well prepared for the high-profile female competition.

13 March 2014Rd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4Rd. 5Rd. 6Rd. 7Rd. 8Rd. 9Rd. 10TotalAvg
RankAAA Class9,E,19C,G,22,BN,4,7K,8,13J,12,Q,1821,2,H1,15,15M,16,610,L,A,311,O,F,PTotalAvg
1Bad Boys (CZ)2419181616181618162518618.6
2Hvezdy (CZ)1716181413141115131514614.6
3CZ Ladies (CZ)1614141111111215121613213.2
RankAA Class8,21M,F,C,215,22G,18,1320,B,19L,K,114,E,46,H,9N,J,Q,117,O,DTotalAvg
1Soft4way (CZ)111610911131014121812412.4
2Accord (CZ)91711610111013111711511.5
RankA Class21,BL,89,4C,K,PM,H,7G,E,D19,J6,AO,N,F2,QTotalAvg
1Impact (CZ)1011132419231012271316216.2
2Best of Relative (CZ)1613112319131313231215615.6
3Kamerun (CZ)67141718141013171112712.7
4Sky Walkers (CZ)1299171513101015911911.9
5Drop ky (CZ)1110111114131010131011311.3
1HF Chicks (CZ)2634232227243419253126526.5 (CZ)1315129138227101312212.2
SDA Chicks at an Indoor Cloud League event at the Skydive Arena
The third Czech team for the World Challenge, Fire Coopers, is registered for the A Class competition and has not appeared yet on any Czech leaderboard. However, this doesn't count for the fourth team, HF Chicks, who signed up under Hurricane Factory for the World Challenge.

The HF Chicks posted their first scores at an indoor or outdoor competition last Thursday, and it was a very impressive start with a 26.5 average in the Rookie Class. The other Rookie Class teams at the World Challenge better watch out, as there is a serious Hurricane approaching soon from the Czech Republic to the United Kingdom.

Eva Rozkovcova, Zaneta Vojtakova, Eva Vokurkova and Jitka Vycpalkova are not new to 4way indoor competition. In fact, they are a product of the Indoor Cloud League events at the Skydive Arena in the Czech Republic. League Direcor Jan Klapka told the Sun Path Products NSL News that the HF Chicks joined his Indoor Cloud League group as the SDA Chicks last year.

HF Chicks in competition action at the Skydive Arena
The SDA Chicks collected 32 points for the Czech Republic group in December 2013 in the Rookie A Class. They had one more shot in the same category, according to the ICL rules, and added 27 points to the Czech account for January 2014.

Then they had to move up into the Rookie AA Class in February 2014 (29 points) and also covered the Rookie AAA Class sequence with a 30-pointer for Jan Klapka in the Skydive Arena. The Czech group took the 1st place in February with a total of 153 points for the six categories.

The next step for the SDA Chicks came with a new team name. They attended their first 10-round competition in the Rookie Class, which is the same category that they have signed up for at the World Challenge. The 26.5 average at the Skydive Arena is a very promising foundation for the Rookie Class competition at Bodyflight Bedford.

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