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Did You Know...

... that judge Kirk Verner treats the entry into the Paraclete XP flying chamber like an exit from a jump plane?

Morning briefing with Kirk Verner
posted Mar 1st, 2014 - The 4way part of the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2014 on Saturday is almost completed, and it is challenging to keep up with the action. The record participation makes it a much busier event, while the flying chamber has no problem with moving the teams quickly through the rotations.

The competition draw was handed out this morning, not last night, as teams had still scheduled training sessions. Tim D'Annunzio welcomed the participants at 7:30 AM, and Kirk Verner explained some of the rules more in detail.

Tim D'Annunzio, Kirk Verner and Brian "BK" Krause are spending the day in the judging room and are firing the scores out quickly. It is very challenging for them, as well, to keep up with the pace of the meet.

Busy meet at Paraclete XP
Kirk Verner explained to the teams that the entry into the flying chamber may look similar to an exit from a jump plane. The judges will allow the teams to put their bodies as far as possible into the chamber and the tunnel air. However, the feet and arms still need to be connected to the frame of the door somehow - just like to the door frame of a jump plane.

The NSL-TV videos are showing how the teams are dealing with the start of the working time, and there have not been any violations or "yellow cards", as Kirk Verner said. The NSL-TV camera is positioned right next to the entry position and features the teams very up close and personal.

It is always fascinating to watch the top performers in Formation Skydiving competition from such a close distance and on eye level. The Sun Path Products NSL News will follow up later with the videos from the judging angle.

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