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Did You Know...

... that SkyVenture Montreal scored in all six Indoor Cloud League categories?

A Class gold at the Canadian Indoor Championship 2013: 4Astrophe
posted Feb 27th, 2014 - Last year, the Sun Path Products NSL News provided a special report of a special family situation in Canada - and it was not about the Lemay family and Evolution activities.

The story on 17 April 2013 was related to the Canadian Indoor Championship 2013 where 4way indoor team 4Astrophe competed with father Richard Bisson and his two children, Yannick (11) and Valerie (16).

Former member of 4way team Cat Women, Jacinthe Labelle, was the 4th member, and 4Astrophe won the A Class competition in April 2013.

The Canadian Indoor Skydiving Championship 2014 is coming up soon, and the Indoor Cloud League events are a good opportunity for teams to get into competition mode.

SkyVenture Montreal's Vice President Marketing and Communication, Melanie L-Guerin, recently provided the Sun Path Products NSL News with new videos and scores from Canda and said that 4Astrophe collected the 28 points for the AA Class sequence.

Canadian Indoor Nationals 2013Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7Round 8TotalAvg
RankA Class6,21Q,H,MA,7G,D,9N,J,OP,C,BE,7K,F,6TotalAvg
14Astrophe (CA)152818182227221816821.0
24 Way Drive (CA)101716111310171410813.5
3Chicks N Wings (CA)91710911141499311.6
4Fly4 Mation (CA)1210910131113149211.5
5Wunder Bar (CA)2108691066577.1
Julie Martel with Runway 4
The score matches 4Astrophe's highscore for a single round, which was posted for a sequence with three random formations last year.

The AA Class sequence for February 2014 was two formations longer and included Block 9.

4Astrophe had the same three Bisson family members in the lineup, only with different ages, Yannick 12 years now and Valerie 17.

Julie Martel filled the 4th slot this time who trained and competed with Runway 4 in 2013.

Runway 4 (Kassandra Gagnon, Nicolas Malley, Julie Martel, CĂ©line Pelletier) posted a 14.1 average in the AAA Class at the indoor championship last year.

Melanie L-Guerin said that 4Astrophe is moving up into the AA Class competition this year and that the team makes great progress.

The Indoor Cloud League sequence for February could be drawn for any AA Class competition.

February 2014AAA ClassAA ClassA ClassRookie AAARookie AARookie ATotal
1Skydive Arena (CZ)263323302912153
2SkyVenture Montreal (CA)242818142220126
3iFLY Orlando (US)2223252020(-2)10120
4SkyVenture New Hampshire (US)--1922(-1)--41
5iFLY Seattle (US)-------
5iFLY SF Bay (US)-------
4Astrophe's 2014 lineup in action
SkyVenture Montreal collected scores for all six sequences this month and has taken the 2nd place at the moment. It's the first time that Melanie L-Guerin had videos and scores for all six categories.

It is no surprise that SkyVenture Montreal has become very competitive with this step, as the previous scores in randomly selected categories were indicating the potential.

Phoenix, with Melanie L-Guerin, Jennyfer Caron, Monika Wittmer and Karyna Dallaire in the lineup, outscored iFLY Orlando's AAA Class lineup and finished only two points behind the Bad Boyz at the Skydive Arena.

Hummingbird provided scores for the A Class and the Rookie AAA Class sequences for the first time.

Luc Geoffroy, Veronique Guay, Manon Corbeil and Roger Theriault started with a 23-pointer for the Rookie A Class sequence in January and then added points for the Rookie AA Class sequence, as well, early in February. The new 18-pointer for the A Class sequence was the next Hummingbird step.

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