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Did You Know...

... that Aurai DeLand was born Wednesday night at iFLY Orlando?

Indoor Cloud League meet at iFLY Orlando
posted Jan 30th, 2014 - The end of the month is only a day away, and the latest scores and videos for the January sequences of the Indoor Cloud League are posted or on the way to be added to the current leaderboard for January.

The Florida Skydiving League group came together for the second indoor meeting this month at iFLY Orlando on Wednesday evening. The first scores from iFLY Orlando were posted after the FSL Tunnel Kicker on January 13th, and only one of the older scores made it through last night's flying sessions.

The first 19-pointer for the AA Class sequence (J-D-Q-6) was posted by Gilles Dutrisac, Robert Chromy, Hal Spence and Kurt Gaebel at the first indoor meeting. The complete DeLand DeLand lineup (Hal Spence - Point, Jim Prochaska - Center Outside, Mitch Wentworth - Tail, Kurt Gaebel - Center Inside) tried to improve the earlier result and ended up with a 19-pointer, as well.

Not enough: 24-pointer for ZEUS with Robert Chromy
The Florida scores in all other five categories were improved, and the total number of ICL points was brought up to 125 points. It was still four points short of the Czech Republic Skydiving League group at the Skydive Arena in Prague (129), and Florida has one more day to add at least four points somehow.

The Sun Path Products NSL News reported after the first iFLY Orlando session on January 13th that Rookie Class team ZEUS from Skydive City had moved up into the Rookie AA Class and posted 21 points for Florida. It was not the last ZEUS word for the month, and three team members joined forces with Robert Chromy for a 24-pointer.

The ZEUS scores still did not make it to the ICL leaderboard this time since Bonnie Young, Don Hickey, Hal Spence and Mitch Wentworth managed to outscore the Z-Hills team with a score of 25 after three point deductions.

January 2014AAA ClassAA ClassA ClassRookie AAARookie AARookie ATotal
1Skydive Arena (CZ)212615211927129
2iFLY Orlando (US)1919191925(-3)24125
3SkyVenture New Hampshire (US)1113-16--40
4SkyVenture Montreal (CA)-----23(-1)23
5iFLY Seattle (US)-------
5iFLY SF Bay (US)-------
Leslie Vath, Alix Raymond, Cathy Luo, Lisa Hickey
There was more internal Florida competition at iFLY Orlando on Wednesday evening. Two lineups took on the Rookie A Class sequence (M-J), and Gilles Dutrisac guided Adam Money, Debi Roif and Steve Hubbard to the winning 24-pointer in this category.

The second Rookie Class lineup consisted of Alix Raymond, Leslie Vath, Cathy Luo and Lisa Hickey, who came together for the first time at the training session earlier the same evening. This lineup enjoyed the ICL night at iFLY Orlando so much that they decided to stay together and launch a team project: Aurai DeLand.

Robert Chromy was helping Aurai DeLand to take the first steps in 4way competition, and the team is now making plans for the 2014 season. Aurai DeLand did not get their scores posted on the leaderboard this time, however, there will probably be serious competition very soon for Rookie Class team ZEUS from Skydive City...

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