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Did You Know...

... that last weekend's coverage begins with record participation in the Northern Plains?

Class 2 tornado a week ago
posted Jun 20th, 2005 - The NPSL had a record turnout of nine 4-way teams show up at Skydive Twin Cities in Baldwin Wisconsin. Even so, the excellent organization by manifest and sunny weather allowed us to complete the entire meet in a single day and still keep SDTC's regular business moving with the one Twin Otter. Skydive Twin Cities just a week ago witnessed a Class 2 tornado that touched down just a couple miles to the west. Luckily, this weekend was all sunshine.
NPSL Rookie Class team Jammerica
We were very excited to see the continued emergence of our Rookie Class growing at this meet. Introducing two new teams, Jammerica and Flying Circus. Both teams received loads of help and coaching from the more experienced competitors and, of course, traveling coach Solly Williams (reigning world champion team member of Deland Majik). Jammerica pulled off the win with 17 points in their very first meet (with only about 4 practice jumps ever as a team).
A Class team Wissota Shockers
In the A Class, the Wissota Shockers scored 36 points and took the win uncontested. They were looking very good and now have 2 NSL meets on the books including their first meet in the GSL. They 'Shocked' their scoring average from a 3.8 back in March in Georgia to 6.0 here in the Northern Plains. We are expecting great things from the Shockers over the remainder of the season. They were also very shocking in their new jump suits and shoes (with neon orange accents, we'll have to see what judges will think of those videos).
Solly Williams with John Goswitz
In the AA class, we see a return of Fast FWD, Microburst, and Cockeyed. Fast FWD enjoyed rounds 2 and 6 and 'issues' otherwise, but finally broke the 10 barrier (thanks to a very fast draw and some much needed coaching advice from Solly) winning raw score. Microburst brought their game up significantly from the first meet of the season improving from 5.8 to an 8.3 and destroying the competition in the handicap battle. Cockeyed also performed well improving their average from meet #1 by a half point to bring in a 5.2 average.
AAA Class team Plausible Deniability
In the AAA class we had 3 teams show for the first time this season. Gang Green returns with their same lineup as last year. Also Plausible Deniability (Andy Junghans, Greg Heideman, John Arnold, Chris Golden, Mike Berwick) and Time Out (Neal Elm, Dani Buscko, Chris Ruff, Doug Anderson) competed composed of former competitors from the last 4 seasons. With Plausible Deniability scoring a 65, Gang Green with a 49, and Time Out with 30 good times were had by all. There is no handicap used for AAA in the NPSL.
AAA Class team Time Out
We'll followup soon with the rest of the team rosters to be viewed on the NSL team pages. In the meantime, many thanks to Goz and Sandy and Skydive Twin Cities and the NSL for a great meet weekend. Thanks to GoWear for cool gift certificates to a few lucky drawing winners. Huge thanks to Solly Williams and his teammates for making the time for us to, once again, get world class coaching from a world class guy.
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