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Did You Know...

... that Spaceland Blue joins Spaceland Force XP in Texas?

Fastrax Blue with silver medals in 2008
posted Apr 30th, 2009 - The NSL News reported on 12 December 2008 (Archives > 2008 > News > Search for: "Fastrax Blue") that former Arizona Divewerkz member Annie Peterson had joined the US national 4-way team in the female category, formerly known as Fastrax Blue.

Becky Brocato, Brianne Thompson and Erin Murphy had won the silver medals at the World Meet 2008 in France with Perris Fury member Christy Frikken in the Point slot, one single point behind Bodyflight Storm. Annie Peterson filled the open slot when Christy Frikken went back to her Fury duties after the world meet.

There have not been many activities for the new lineup ever since and no training or competition at all. The main Blue efforts took place in the planning of the 2009 season. The other all-female Blue lineup from France, Aerkoart Deep Blue, caught more attention in the meantime after attending the FSL Shamrock Showdown 2009 and the World Challenge 2009.

Spacaland Blue lineup
The US Blue lineup is now done with the team's hibernation, and the latest news show that the new lineup has big plans. The training and competition schedule is still open. However, the team's official announcement promises more top scores in the near future, as Blue is moving to Skydive Spaceland:

"We are pleased to announce that the current US Women's 4-way team will be calling Skydive Spaceland our training home. Spaceland Blue will be training hard for the USPA Nationals 2009, where we hope to once again win the nomination to represent the US at the 2010 World Meet in Russia.

The new Spaceland Blue lineup consists of members Erin Murphy, Becky Brocato, and Brianne Thompson, along with new member Annaliese Peterson who was formerly with Arizona Divewerkz. Niklas Daniel, formerly of Perris Fury, has also signed on to be Spaceland Blue's full time videographer. Nik was also the team's videographer during the 2008 World Meet in France."

Texas Skydiving League back in the NSL Network
Team speaker Erin Murphy added that Spaceland Blue is now working on the schedule for the 2009 season. She said that her team will try to attend some of the Texas Skydiving League competitions this year. Skydive Spaceland is hosting two of the TSL meets, while Texas is also back in the NSL Network this year.

Skydive Spaceland's owner Steve Boyd confirmed the Blue announcement, while he prepares his skydiving center for the USPA Nationals 2009:

"Spaceland Blue has decided to represent Spaceland and train here indefinately. They will be coached by none other than our very own Spaceland Force XP lineup. We have also secured the aircraft, set the event schedules and decided to get CamScore for the USPA Nationals 2009, etc, etc..."

Steve Boyd with his youngest son in DeLand
Steve Boyd had already promoted the USPA Nationals 2009 when he visited DeLand for the Shamrock Showdown in March. He watched Spaceland Force XP's first competition, which catapulted his home team straight to the very top level of 4-way competition.

Hosting Spaceland Blue from here on adds to the very realistic possibility that he will have two national 4-way teams in Texas after the USPA Nationals 2009. Spaceland Blue will not have much competition in the USA to become the national team for 2010, while Spaceland Force XP will have to beat the reigning Airspeed world champions and Perris Fury.

Steve Boyd is even eying the 8-way title at the same time, as he told the NSL News earlier, and as Thomas Hughes and Gary Beyer mentioned in a live interview with the NSL News on 27 March 2009, shortly after the Shamrock Showdown:

Spaceland Force XP at the Shamrock Showdown
"Skydive Spaceland and Paraclete XP have joined forces in sponsoring Spaceland Force and the Paraclete XP 8-way team. Paraclete XP will be training at Spaceland next month along with the Golden Knights 8-way team and Spaceland Force. This has proven to be a perfect match between partners. Spaceland Force completed their 1st day of training yesterday with 12 jumps. Eric Boyd has also been added as the full time videographer."

Golden Knights and Paraclete XP's 8-way lineup will try to make it as difficult as possible for this year's Airspeed lineups to win both events.

Thomas Hughes has been coaching the Fastrax Blue lineup ever since it was formed and throughout the silver medals at the World Meet 2008 in France. He will now continue his work and prepare Spaceland Blue for the next showdown with Aerokart Deep Blue and Bodyflight Storm's new lineup.

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