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Did You Know...

... that NMP-PCH Hayabusa lost the first point in Round 6?

Critical camera angle in Round 6
posted Dec 4th, 2013 - Two rounds of 8way competition are scheduled for Wednesday at the 4th Dubai International Parachuting Championship 2013. The 4way teams are off for the whole day.

NMP-PCH Hayabusa videographer Danny Jacobs has posted his team's videos of Rounds 6 and 7. Hayabusa had the first point deduction of the meet in Round 6. The judges could not see either the inter of Block 13 (Offset - Spinner) or the completed second formation of the block, due to the video angle.

It is difficult to say what it was exactly. The Offset counted as a scoring formation, even though the camera angle did not change much between the exit formation and throughout the inter. There is no infringement of the inter itself, and the completion of the second formation does not seem to be in doubt on the video. However, three of the five judges disagreed with the Hayabusa presentation of Block 13, and the Spinner did not count as a scoring formation.

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EntertainmentNMP-PCH Hayabusa
Power glider performance at Skydive Dubai
The latest NSL Reality TV video takes the viewer on a few trips at the event site and to a dinner show on Monday evening. The host is once again making great efforts to entertain the participants and the spectators with activities that go beyond skydiving.

The NSL-TV camera was also on board of the helicopter that brings the Accuracy competitors to jump altitude. The eagle's view of the competition site between downtown Dubai and the ocean is unique and fascinating.

The dinner show also included a night flight aerobatics demonstration, which was followed by fireworks, while the participants of the 4th DIPC 2013 enjoyed the dinner at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. It was not the closing ceremony yet. There is still a lot of competition to come...

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