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Did You Know...

... that Deb Correia's Northwest group scored a new ICL record total at iFLY Seattle?

SIS event at iFLY Seattle
posted Nov 29th, 2013 - The Indoor Cloud League has a new leader for the month of November. Deb Correia's Northwest Skydiving League group shocked the ICL world with their latest videos and scores from iFLY Seattle, where she posted a new ICL world record with a total of 136 points for the six sequences.

Deb Correia explained how she generated the new record number. She and her indoor team held two events in November: "It's obviously winter here, as participation has increased as steadily as jumping has slowed down."

She said that she had two new participants this month, Agata Staniak, who just received her A license, and Mirinda Atchison, who both had no previous 4way experience, neither in the sky nor in the tunnel: "Mirinda had done some tunnel coaching with Jeff Dimock a few months back, and she did a great job in her first competition."

November 2013AAA ClassAA ClassA ClassRookie AAARookie AARookie ATotal
1iFLY Seattle (US)192921211729136
2iFLY Orlando (US)20222512833(-3)120
3Skydive Arena (CZ)222119211420117
4SkyVenture New Hampshire (US)1625----41
5SkyVenture Montreal (CA)19-----19
6iFLY SF Bay (US)-------
New record total: Northwest November group at iFLY Seattle
Agata Staniak had received a lot of tunnel coaching during the SIS Retreat held at iFLY Seattle in October, including sessions with Brianne Thompson, Melanie Curtis, Carolyn Chow. Deb Correia said that the new flyer had additional motivation: "With the arrival of her new jumpsuit, she made a marked improvement between the two sessions..."

Deb Correia, Dave Correia, Carolyn Chow, Jeff Smith and David Zhang were coaching at both sessions, with David Zhang and Jeff Smith on double-duties with two lineups. Deb Correia said that her group improved all scores in the second session, and Seattle eventually turned in the highest total score in ICL history.

Deb Correia said that the Northwest coaches also had the opportunity to fly the AAA and AA Class sequences with FSL indoor head coach Ari Perelman when he visited iFLY Seattle: "He had helped to debrief the first regular session, and each of the coaches had an Aha! moment in his explanation regarding the transition to and from the K. It was great to get his input and to have a chance to fly with him. The coaches were even happier to fly the same sequences again two weeks later and beat the scores they had done with Ari..."

Highscore in AAHighscore in Rookie AA
Exhausted Northwest flyers - or too much fun...?
The success of the Northwest group with the Indoor Cloud League participation continues to create even more momentum. Deb Correia said that she is now trying to recruit more new participants by trying to avoid flyers signing up instantly for the two monthly events that she is offering:

"We would open up registration later for people who want to do both sessions if there was still space. However, in only a few hours, we filled the 22 spots. Now we're brainstorming ways to include even more people in the future. The duels are obviously a big hit in Seattle!"

Participants at the ICL November sessions at iFLY Seattle were Jay Alspach, Charles Wesley, Jeremy Eggum, Bill Selig, Sopurkh Khalsa, Matthias Kaminski, Sandra Van Der Bilt, Monika Brunnenkant, Agata Staniak, Samantha D'Andrea, Monica Aikins, Mirinda Atchison, D'Arcy Kaaua, Kelli Alspach, Babs Selig.

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