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Did You Know...

... that the new M8trix lineup is aiming at the Dutch Flight 8way average of 2001?

M8trix start at the World Cup 2011
posted Nov 27th, 2013 - The recent results of the ISR Grand Prix 2013 and the upcoming trip of the Sun Path Products NSL News to the 4th Dubai International Parachuting Championship (4th DIPC 2013) combine for an interesting 8way update from the Netherlands.

Last weekend's indoor 4way competition in Roosendaal was the final event for two of the three top 4way teams in the Netherlands of the past years. It was yet the first and the last time that those three teams competed with and against each other at the same place and the same time, as the story on 24 November 2013 explained.

However, the end of the two 4way teams was good news for the Dutch 8way team M8trix, the national team of the Netherlands since 2011. M8trix started with an 8.2 average at the World Cup 2011 and made it almost to the finals at the Mondial Dubai 2012 with an 11.0 average.

Mondial Dubai 2012Rd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4Rd. 5Rd. 6Rd. 7Rd. 8Rd. 9Rd. 10TotalAvg
Rank8way Open ClassN,21,B,514,C,1322,M,2017,H,16J,E,12,47,19,15G,K,8,2O,L,F,P,A10,11,189,Q,D,1TotalAvg
6Dubai Asaar 8 (AE)1111121110101012121211111.1
7M8Trix (NL)111111121210101210-9911.0
8Brit Chicks 8 (UK)11111211141011116-9710.8
9South Africa 8 (ZA)1211111013991110-9610.7
10Qatar Falcons (QA)11911111299118-9110.1
Almost to the finals: M8trix at the Mondial Dubai 2012
M8trix has always been a combination of Dutch 4way competitors from different teams who had additional time and money to train in 8way, as well. This time, the recruiting for the 2014 lineup was even more promising, as some additional players of the three best Dutch 4way teams had no further plans and were now available.

This year's Dutch 4way champion NRG contributes two members for the M8trix 2014 lineup, Leander van Schriek and Jaap Keuter. Both have been M8trix members since the 8way project was launched. Creeps member Daphne Ruijsendaal was also a founding member and continues with the new lineup, together with Thunder's Sven Ibens' wife Annelies Hasewinkel, who was in the original M8trix lineup, as well.

Gary Smith, 4way world champion of 2004 (DeLand Majik) and 2006 (DeLand Fire) continues in the player coach slot that he accepted at the beginning of the 2012 season. Mieke Mulder is a new member in the rear floater slot, the only one without a history in the top 4way teams.

Target: Dutch Flight lineup of 2001
image by: Omniskore
New M8trix blood also comes with Whooops members Leon van Leeuwen and Mechie Voermans, who both competed for the Netherlands at the Mondial Dubai 2012 in 4way and bring skills and competition experience to the new M8trix lineup.

M8trix member Leander van Schriek said that his team has a serious amateur training program for 2014 and feels very strong and confident with the new lineup: "We really look forward to the 2014 season. We have good expectations about the season, but no idea where it will bring us."

M8trix has the standing Dutch national record for a single round as a target (15-pointer) and plans to improve the 12.6 average that still stands as the record number for the Netherlands, posted by Dutch Flight in 2001. Gary Smith was coaching the 12.6 team in 2001 and is now trying to wipe out the old mark as a player coach. 2001 member Gerhard Schut is done after winning his first 4way gold medal this year, and Paul Hofstee has more Thunder plans for next year.

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