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Did You Know...

... that the first 110way jump of SkyQuest 2013 was a completion?

BJ Worth and Roger Ponce after the first 66way
posted Nov 22nd, 2013 - The rainy weather continued on Friday morning of SkyQuest 2013. It got even worse for BJ Worth who has been fighting a severe cold for days. The cold eventually won and put the Kaleidoscope Dives leader into bed very early on Thursday.

It did not get much better on Friday for him, as he had to sit out for the whole day. Roger Ponce was ready to take over the dive management in the morning.

This doesn't sound like much, as it was raining anyway. However, the skies finally cleared in the afternoon, and the smaller groups and teams could get in the air before it was time for the first 66ways. BJ Worth eventually missed two sequential 66ways and one complete 110way that he helped with guidance on the ground.

Friday Afternoon: BJ WorthKaleidoscope Dives on Friday
Completed 110way with the first attempt
image by: Brian Festi
The two 66way groups got only one opportunity to warm up and learn enough about the upcoming 110ways. Both groups did well and were ready when it was time for the 110way, which is supposed to be the first formation of a new world record sequence.

Today's completion of the first attempt is obviously very promising and encouraging and paid back for the one and a half day of waiting for the start. 66ways are history now, and the jumps on Saturday morning will hopefully bring the first new official world records.

Judge Marylou Laughlin has checked the FAL licenses and will begin to check formations and maneuvers for correct execution early in the morning. The first Kaleidoscope Dive and world record attempt is scheduled for 7:30 AM. Today's 100way was not even trying to go to the next formation, as it was planned to be the second learning opportunity after the 66ways. There was plenty of time for the first 110way sequence, but it was saved for Saturday morning...

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