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Did You Know...

... that Florida had internal competition at iFLY Orlando?

Indoor Cloud League event at iFLY Orlando
posted Nov 12th, 2013 - The first November scores and videos of the Indoor Cloud League were posted earlier than ususal. Colleen Cusack, Brian Touhey, Jeff Atherton and Eli Bolotin launched the competition for the month of November for New England at SkyVenture New Hampshire with results for the AAA and AA Class sequences.

It took only a few days until the Florida Skydiving League group had an answer at iFLY Orlando. FSL indoor head coach Ari Perelman was helping the archrivals of the Northwest Skydiving League at iFLY Seattle while his Florida group came together on Monday night to get some indoor training and to fly the November sequences.

Brian Touhey had scores for two categories so far, and there is only a 1-point difference between SkyVenture New Hampshire and iFLY Orlando after the AAA and AA Class sequences. Player coaches Gilles Dutrisac, Hal Spence and Kurt Gaebel were guiding the 22 participants through all six sequences in Orlando.

ICL November 2013AAA ClassAA ClassA ClassRookie AAARookie AARookie ATotal
1iFLY Orlando (US)20222512833(-3)120
2SkyVenture New Hampshire (US)1625----41
3iFLY Seattle (US) (US)-------
3iFLY SF Bay (US)-------
3Skydive Arena (CZ)-------
New 4way competitor at iFLY Orlando: Leslie Vath
The Florida group had eight different lineups for the six sequences. Two new AAA Class competitors (Hal Spence, Jim Prochaska) took on the November sequence together with Gilles Dutrisac and Kurt Gaebel, while the AA Class lineup (Joel Kmetz, Steve Hubbard, Keith Murray, James Hall) was a completely different one with a mixture of FSL competitors from different AA and A Class teams.

There was internal FSL competition in the A Class. Gilles Dutrisac, Hal Spence, Jim Prochaska and Zunday member Jon Agar outscored the Pyro4ic lineup by three points (25 - 22) and represent Florida on the ICL leaderboard for November at the moment.

The Pyro4ic lineup was different than at the previous meets of the Florida Skydiving League and the indoor events. Point Grant Underland will not be available for the NSL Championship at SkyQuest 2013, and Erica Gorski will take his slot next weekend. She had a good opportunity to get familiar with the Pyro4ic style at iFLY Orlando.

James Hopkins and Amer Kassas with Rookie Class team Zeus at Skydive City
There was also internal Florida competition in the Rookie A Class. Gilles Dutrisac had Diego Spaudo, Dane Hermansen and Darla Martinelli in one of the two lineups, who all participated for the first time in a 4way indoor event. The 25-pointer would have been a great contribution for the Florida group at all previous Indoor Cloud League meets, but it was not good enough to end up on the leaderboard this time.

Gilles Dutrisac had another Rookie A Class lineup with two more first-time 4way tunnel competitors. James Hopkins and Amer Kassas had competed for Rookie Class team Zeus at the October meet of the Florida Skydiving League, where player coach Bob Byrne helped them to complete their first 4way formations ever in a competition. Zeus finished with a 3.3 average after four rounds.

James Hopkins and Amer Kassas were hungry for more 4way and signed up for the Indoor Cloud League event. Gilles Dutrisac had his former team mate Joel Kmetz in the lineup to provide more help, and the results were almost too good for this category. The Zeus Rookie A Class 2way was probably bored after the 33-pointer and will move up to more challenging sequences at the next event...

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