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Did You Know...

... that BJ Worth expects the pinnacle of Kaleidoscope Dives this year?

posted Oct 13th, 2013 - The first preview of this year's Kaleidoscope Dives at SkyQuest 2013 introduced the new FAI/IPC rules for bigway world records on 23 September 2013.

The next SkyQuest update on 4 October 2013 included the dive design that World Team founder BJ Worth created for this year's event in November.

The registration is in full swing, and bigway experts from all over the planet will once again travel to DeLand. BJ Worth recently released his latest message to the confirmed participants and potential candidates for open slots. BJ expects the Kaleidoscope Dives 2013 to become the pinnacle of this long running event, which was launched in 2001 for the first time.

Kaleidoscope Dives – Update 12 October 2013 by BJ Worth

The European bigway community, led by Patrick Passe, conducted an extraordinary event in Empuriabrava - setting not one, but four new world records for bigway sequential skydiving. This team now holds the world record for the largest 2-point, 3-point, 4-point, and 5-point sequences - with 106 skydivers in each category.

This great performance confirms the renewed interest in bigway skydiving, and the benefit of the new sequential record categories for the bigway skydiving community.

Accordingly, the 2013 Kaleidoscope Dives have been designed to raise the bar in multiple bigway sequential record categories. Two dive sequences have been prepared to push this envelope. The first sequence, now presented on the SkyQuest website, starts with a 110way whacker as the first formation. The first and second transitions have been performed during previous triple-digit Kaleidoscope Dives. The last three transitions are new, dynamic, and achievable.

The success of these dives will be determined by the completion time of the first formation, the air-to-air communication during each dive, the skydivers' anticipation of each new transition, the Camera Team's skill at snapping all the key photographs as each formation is completed, and the individual performances of each Kaleidoscope Diver. Of course, safety will remain as the Kaleidoscope Divers' #1 priority.

All Kaleidoscope Divers are reminded that they must have a current FAI Sporting License in order to participate in this event.

The 2013 Kaleidoscope Dives are shaping up to be the pinnacle of this long running event.

Safe Skies, BJ Worth

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