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Did You Know...

... that the Northwest group at iFLY Seattle is on the Indoor Cloud League top for now?

Bad Boyz at the Skydive Arena in Prague
posted Oct 2nd, 2013 - The month of September is over for the Indoor Cloud League. This does not mean that there will be no additional scores and videos coming in. The sequences need to be done until the end of the month, but the administrators of each tunnel group have additional time to process the footage and deliver it.

The Northwest Skydiving League group at iFLY Seattle and the Florida Skydiving League group at iFLY Orlando have provided scores and videos for all six sequences and are in the two top spots at the moment. However, the Northern California Skydiving League group at iFLY SF Bay could still change the outcome for September. NCSL Director Lori Connor reported that she had a successful event and will follow up soon with videos and scores.

There was great competition in the AAA Class. The Bad Boyz from the Czech Republic once again posted the video of a nice performance and tied the 19-pointer that Dave Correia, David Zhang, Carolyn Chow and Michael Biederman scored at iFLY Seattle. The same NWSL lineup also performed the AA Class sequence and outscored the AAA/AA Class team from Florida easily.

September 2013AAA ClassAA ClassA ClassRookie AAARookie AARookie ATotal
1iFLY Seattle (US) (US)191917172214108
2iFLY Orlando (US)151516181720101
3Skydive Arena (CZ)19--914-42
4SkyVenture New Hampshire (US)1519----34
5iFLY SF Bay (US)-------
AAA at iFLY Seattle
AAA at Skydive Arena
NWSL September group at iFLY Seattle
NWSL Director Deb Correia also provided the other lineups who collected points for her group last month and took the 1st place: Rookie A Class (D'Arcy Kaaua, Daisy Thompson, Heather Metz, with player coach Carolyn Chow), Rookie AA Class (Martin Fox, Jeremy Eggum, Matthias Kaminski, with player coach Dave Correia), Rookie AAA Class (Monica Aikins, Sopurkh Khalsa, Michael Simpson, with player coach Carolyn Chow), A Class: (Andrey Ulanov, Dmitry Rudchenko, Steve Platt, with player coach David Zhang).

Deb Correia said that her group came together very late at iFLY Seattle last month: "We held our only event on the 30th, due to attendance at the USPA Nationals. It's been a while since Seattle had much of a showing at Nationals, and the additional support by the iFLY project has made that possible."

NWSL founder Art Bori (2nd from right) with Checkpoint in 2000
Deb Correia explained how she got her points on the Indoor Cloud League leaderboard for September: "We had a diverse group this month, including newcomers Daisy Thompson and Jeremy Eggum. Daisy has just started to train with a rookie 4way team coached by Deb Correia, and Jeremy was a 4way competitor years ago who hasn't done much skydiving recently, and he hasn't done any tunnel since his 4way days."

Jeremy Eggum trained and competed with NWSL team Pincheck in 1997 and 1998, together with the original founders of the Northwest Skydiving League, Art Bori and Guy Medema.

The September event at iFLY Seattle was organized by Deb Correia and coached by Dave Correia, David Zhang and Carolyn Chow. Deb Correia said that Carolyn Chow once again did double duty flying with two of the four teams and that she was very happy with the results: "The exciting thing about this month's event is that every group was able to contribute to the final score."

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