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Did You Know...

... that the Golden Knights posted the fastest 10way time for a round since 2009?

USPA 10way winner: Golden Knights
image by: Omniskore/USPA/Skydive Chicago
posted Sep 20th, 2013 - The 10way competition at the USPA Nationals 2013 did not change the overall power order in the traditional Formation Skydiving events. The Golden Knights won as clearly as they did last year and maintained their dominating position.

This year's lineup was slightly different than last year. Angela Nichols and Laura Dickmeyer joined the complete 8way lineup, while Jennifer Schaben and Dannielle Woosley were done with competition this week.

The overall time for all six rounds (73.61 - 77.48) was slower than last year. However, the 10.58 seconds in Round 2 was the fastest 10way time since 2009. Arizona Airspeed's 10way lineup had posted 9.98 seconds for Round 4 at Skydive Spaceland and finished in 3rd place.

USPA Nationals 2013 - 10wayRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
1Golden Knights13.1010.5813.7513.7013.7012.6577.4812.91
2Arizona Airspeed16.5519.4016.0713.5813.0614.8493.5015.58
3Butterfly Kisses & Dand27.8819.9716.6218.8821.9318.72124.0020.67
4Dubai Assar21.9324.6122.1521.9117.0819.93127.6121.27
6Ten at Last24.3127.3524.4522.9432.9824.20156.2326.04
7What's the Next Point32.7535.0029.3127.0822.5935.00181.7330.29
Arizona Airspeed's 10way team in 2009
Craig Girard, Mickey Nuttall, Thomas Hughes, Josh Hall, Andy Delk, Eliana Rodriguez, Todd Hawkins, John Eagle, John Hamilton and Will Pesek completed the 10way formation below 10 seconds in 2009. The fastest time before that (9.84 seconds) was posted by another Airspeed lineup in 2007: Craig Girard, Mark Kirkby, Andy Delk, Eliana Rodriguez, Todd Hawkins, Joey Jones, Christopher Irwin, John Eagle, Gary Beyer and John Hamilton.

The best total time (64.88) was posted by the Golden Knights in 2005 (Brian Krause, Brooks Weiner, Vern Miller, Matt Davidson, John Hoover, Kurt Isenbarger, Eric Heinsheimer, Carey Mills, Tom Falzone and Michael Eitniear. This performance included a round of 9.52 seconds and the last one below 9 seconds with 8.59 in Round 4.

Reigning 8way world champion Larry Miller was filming the US Army teams at that time, and Angela Nichols was the alternate in 2005. The rules have changed in the meantime, and the 10way formation is not only a Star any longer.

Bronze medals for Butterfly Kisses and Dandelion Wishes
image by: Omniskore/USPA/Skydive Chicago
The Star came in Round 4 yesterday, and the fastest time to build it was 13.58 by Arizona Airspeed. The rules for the exit are also different these days and make the the completion time much slower. All ten team members have to be inside the plane.

Arizona Airspeed had three of the current 4way members in the 10way lineup (Mark Kirkby, Christopher Farina, Thiago Gomes), plus reigning Airspeed 4way world champion Niklas Hemlin. DNR members Brian Stephens and Ben Liston joined the Airspeed lineup, together with Arizona Prime members Ari Perelman and Nick Grillet. Rodney Cruce and Scott Latinis completed the 10way lineup, with alternate Ron Hill and Justin Price on camera.

The 10way bronze medals went to a team of competitors mostly from the Blue Sky Ranch who had finished with several members in 5th place last year. John Ronalter, Hollie Reno, Ivan Kaczor, Joe Mangan, David Gifford, Gary Roth, David Grabowski, Veera Ronalter, Robert Schuyler, Kimberly Schuyler and Scott Levy finished half a second ahead of Dubai Asaar who repeated the 4th place finish of 2012.

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