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Did You Know...

... that the Grande 4way Finale in Ottawa has three slow sequences?

Beautiful Monday morning at Skydive Chicago
posted Sep 16th, 2013 - Sunday and Monday were two completely different days at the USPA Nationals 2013. Sunday was a washout, and Monday morning has the most beautiful weather. It is cold though, and the teams will have to move fast to warm up...

The competition begins with the AAA Class teams (Open/Advanced) since the AA/Intermediate Class teams are one round ahead. Plan is to complete the 4way competition today and begin with 8way.

Six more and new videos have been added to the extended leaderboard, and they feature SDC Rhythm XP with the team's first six rounds. The point deductions have also been added. The featured videos are showing Arizona Airspeed and SDC Rhythm XP in the tied Round 5.

USPA Nationals 2013Rd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4Rd. 5Rd. 6Rd. 7Rd. 8Rd. 9Rd. 10TotalAvg
RankAAA/Open ClassG,9,C,PF,5,151,E,84,M,7H,N,B,O,314,20,LQ,K,12,1711,16,1910,A,182,22,DTotalAvg
1Arizona Airspeed 38282226 33(-1) 23----170(-1)28.3
2SDC Rhythm XP 332418(-2)2629(-2)21----151(-4)25.2
3Paraclete XP4 28(-1)21(-1)19(-2)23(-1) 27(-2)20----138(-7)23.0
4Golden Knights 26(-1)221722 28 15(-1)----130(-2)21.7
5Arizona Prime 28(-2)2213(-5)22(-2)26(-1) 18----129(-10)21.5
6Carolina Turbo XP 26(-3)191922 24(-3)18----128(-6)21.3
7DNR 25(-4)2015(-3)19(-2)24(-1) 18----121(-10)20.2
Arizona Airspeed Rd. 4
SDC Rhythm XP Rd. 4
Trying to keep warm: Craig Girard on Monday morning
Round 7 brings the last faster sequence to the AAA Class. It's not really fast with Block 12 (Bundy - Bundy) as a part of it. However, it is still a sequence where the top teams will get deeper into the 20s.

The last three rounds will then challenge the AAA Class teams technically. Arizona Airspeed has a 22-pointer as the lowest score on the leaderboard so far. The sequence of Round 3 had the slow Block 1 (Snowflake - Snowflake) out the door and on top of each page, and it included Block 8 (Canadian T - Canadian T). The 22-pointer opened Airspeed's new lineup the door to the 22-pointer club.

The sequences for the last three rounds are not any easier. The grande finale begins with a 3-block sequence in Round 8 and continues with four slower blocks in Round 9 and Round 10. All three rounds have a block at the beginning of the sequence, which doesn't make it easier to post high scores. The scores for Round 7 will be posted soon.

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