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Did You Know...

... that the USPA Nationals outscore the UK Nationals this year?

USPA Nationals 2013 on Saturday morning
posted Sep 14th, 2013 - The traditional 4way events of the USPA Nationals 2013 are now in full swing at Skydive Chicago. There was a short delay early in the morning due to fog nearby, but the sun burned it away quickly.

Guest team Dubai Nexus digested the VFS 4way losses in the first two rounds easily yesterday and defeated the French national team once again after also winning the gold medals at the World Cup 2013. Arizona Arsenal is the new USPA champion and will be the US national team in VFS 4way.

The traditional 4way teams are enjoying a fast competition draw at the USPA Nationals this year. Two very fast sequences offer the opportunity to boost the meet average, and Arizona Airspeed will be able to impress the international competition with high numbers.

1st place and cutaway in Round 1: Synergy's Helen Ursachii
The first scores came from the AA/Intermediate Class competition where 41 teams help to bring the total number of attendance to 71. The additional ten VFS 4way teams make it a total of 81 teams, and the UK teams will have to accept that the USPA Nationals are still the biggest outdoor championship in the world.

The top spots in the AA/Intermediate Class are taken by teams who have competed on a regular basis earlier this year. Carolina Dynamic is back in the team's second year, and Northwest Skydiving League team Synergy was expected to impress the competition at the young team's first national championships.

CSC Survival Instinct and SDC Jetstream Tango know each other from the Midwest Skydiving League meets this year. Most of the 15 teams at the August meet are back for the USPA Nationals. Gilles Dutrisac replaces Steve Lefkowitz in the Jetstream Tango lineup, and it worked well in the meet opener.

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