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Did You Know...

... that the Golden Knights have to win Round 11?

Happy Golden Knights after Round 10
posted Aug 17th, 2013 - The drama in the 4way Women competition of the World Cup 2013 has no end yet.

The Golden Knights had a great round and were very happy after landing from the jump. The NSL Reality TV camera was in the landing area to capture the first reactions, and the Aerodyne French Girls were more quiet with their reactions.

The feedback from the teams matched the reactions, and the live judging, with teams and competitors watching in the packing area, still generated the same situation as in Round 9. Both teams tied their scores for the round and were still tied for the total number of points.

Viewing of Round 10: Aerodyne French Girls
Teams, judges and audience will have another round to enjoy. It is not the only jump-off round that is coming up. Sweden's team Fire and Russia's Infra Red Band are also tied for the bronze medals of the European Championships.

Golden Knights and French Girls had not tied their scores once before Round 9. Now they have done it twice in a row. A third tie will not help the US team, the Golden Knights have to win the jump-off round. France has the highest score of the meet with the 27-pointer of Round 2 and wins in case of another tie.

The sequence for Round 11 (22,11,6) is slow, and it will be difficult for the US Army team to score higher than France. The pressure is on...

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