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Shamrock Showdown 2018 Information: Cessna Caravan and Twin Otter both available and confirmed as jump planes

Did You Know...

... that Russia's 4way team Barkli performs impressively in Banja Luka?

Far behind in Dubai - Much closer now: Barkli
posted Aug 14th, 2013 - The day was over for the 4way Open Class teams after three rounds, and the 4way Women teams completed two rounds in the morning. Joey Jones and Eric Heinsheimer took some time around noon to provide a summary of the first half of the day and some opinions about judging topics.

NMP-PCH Hayabusa is standing at a 27+ average after the first three slots witchers and is cruising along to possibly posting one of the highest meet averages in history. However, the positive surprise of the 4way Open Class competition is coming from Russia.

Barkli has moved much closer to the Belgian silver medalists of the Mondial Dubai 2012 compared to the meet in Dubai. Team captain Oleg Shalamykhin explained that his team had only 50 training jumps before the Mondial and has now completed approx. 250 jumps before the World Cup. The results are showing, and the next Sun Path Products NSL News update will include the videos of the first three Russian rounds.

Surprised by their own performance: Aerodyne French Girls
The results after two rounds in the female 4way category were a surprise for Joey Jones, as well. In fact, being in the lead after two rounds was even a surprise for the Aerodyne French Girls.

The earlier Sun Path Products NSL News update mentioned that the French team had a wet start this morning, which was probably quite a distraction right before the beginning of the competition. The French girls caught up with all teams before noon and are one point ahead of the Golden Knights.

Joey Jones explained that the US Army team is back with the same lineup and a solid performance. On the French side, only Perrine Sanchez and videographer Remy Grandcler competed for France in Dubai last December. Laurence Herve trained and competed with the Aerodyne Deep Blue Defenders at the beginning of the 2012 season before she broke her foot a few months before the world meet. Sophia Pecout and Christine Malnis are completely new to the French national team. The Golden Knights seem to have some heavy work ahead of them in Banja Luka...

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Shamrock Showdown 2018 Information: Cessna Caravan and Twin Otter both available and confirmed as jump planes
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