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Did You Know...

... that two new French national 4way champions also compete in Banja Luka?

In good spirits: French national 8way team Aerodyne Maubeuge
posted Aug 13th, 2013 - The scores of the French Nationals have been added to the records while the French national teams are getting ready to win as many medals as possible at the World Cup 2013. It might be only one gold medal, as NMP-PCH Hayabusa (4way Open), Golden Knights (4way Women) and Dubai Nexus (VFS 4way) will make it very difficult for France to win in those Formation Skydiving categories.

The 8way team is the safest bet for French gold since Russia's 8way team Barkli is still working on the lineup, while France has the same one in Banja Luka as at the Mondial Dubai 2012. It is actually the last competition for this very strong French 8way lineup. Team captain Clement Martin Saint Leon said that the training jumps went very well, and the team is in great spirits.

Aerodyne Maubeuge had finished with a 22.5 average in Dubai, which wiped out the 22.2 average of the Golden Knights in 1997. However, the US Army lineup of 2012 scored even higher (22.9) and still owns the highest 8way meet average in history. The last meet for this French lineup could once again become a race for the highest meet average and the world record for a single round.

French Nationals 2013Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7TotalAvg
RankAAA Class13,16,1B,H,G,N,9K,19,6J,2,7Q,A,20,11L,21,414,18,NTotalAvg
1Nemesis Espoir Saumur (FR)1230161716141211716.7
2Armee Air Nice (FR)1230151715131011216.0
3One Shot Maubeuge (FR)1127141913141211015.7
4Monaco Vitalsea (MC)1224111715141110414.9
5Les 100 Ciels Melun (FR)921121412878311.9
5Annecy Artupox Nolimit (FR)8191114101298311.9
7Invidea Maubeuge (FR)721129101057410.6
8Le 4 Cretins Flyzone Clermont (FR)7158121077669.4
9Vortex Annecy (FR)6149116107639.0
10Lockless Maugio JCM (FR)713109886618.7
11Kindair Le Blanc (FR)61279877568.0
11Etbin Nice St Flo (FR)514710983568.0
13Cad Hors Cahors (FR)61156575456.4
14Les Justes Le Blanc (FR)4737564365.1
15FAFCO Nice (FR)5756453355.0
16Bougnats Air Force Aurillac (FR)2763463314.4
From Vichy to Banja Luka: Anais Maillet (right) and Nicolas David with Nemesis Espoir Saumur
Two members of the French delegation in Banja Luka competed at the French Nationals, as well. The winner, Nemesis Espoir Saumur, had Anais Maillet and Nicolas David in the winning lineup. Anais Maillet is the official alternate for the Aerodyne French Girls, while Nicolas David competes with the second French 8way team, NPC Espoir Maubeuge.

Clement Martin Saint Leon explained that members of the national teams cannot win the Coupe de France events. However, they may compete and win medals at the national championships. The international meets usually interfere with the schedule of the national teams and they have to stay away, as it was the case again this year, with the two exceptions.

Joey Jones achored a new NSL Reality TV show for the Sun Path Products NSL News, which covered the situation of the UK teams in Banja Luka and a few other updates.

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