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Did You Know...

... that the SolarFlakes join international outdoor competition in 4way Women next week?

Up into the AAA Class: SolarFlakes
posted Aug 10th, 2013 - Two of the three teams that competed at the national championships in Lithuania last weekend are now also traveling to Banja Luka in Bosnia to attend the World Cup 2013.

Magic 4 has represented Lithuania for many years at international events in the 4way Open Class competition, as the Sun Path Products NSL News reported on 7 June 2013.

The SolarFlakes are new to international 4way competition and had their debut at the World Challenge 2013. The Solarflakes have a female lineup but did not compete in the female category in Bedford this year. The team was not trained for the AAA Class dive pool and competed in the AA Class at the indoor event.

Lithuania 2013Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5TotalAvg
RankAAA ClassF,12,H,10N,7,O,8C,G,19,14P,L,15,A4,M,E,1TotalAvg
1Magic 4 (LT)14111116136513.0
2SolarFlakes (LT)4106410346.8
RankA ClassF,H,8N,7C,G,19P,L,O4,MTotalAvg
1Equinox (LT)817139387.6
Equinox - Round 2
Equinox - Round 4
Video troubles at Nationals: Magic 4
FAI/IPC events, such as the World Cup and the World Championship of Formation Skydiving, offer only the Open Class competition with the AAA Class dive pool for the national teams. The SolarFlakes were committed to compete in Banja Luka this upcoming week and stepped up into the AAA Class at the national championships. Now they are ready to enter IPC's female 4way category for the first time.

Magic 4 and SolarFlakes both had their last test before the World Cup at the national championships last weekend, and Magic 4 was facing video troubles. The low scores for Lithuania's national 4way team were mostly caused by point deductions for non-judgeable formations.

Magic 4's regular team videographer was not available for the national championships, and the team will hopefully be complete again in Banja Luka.

ESL Championship and ISR Grand Prix 2013: Equinox
All three teams at Lithuania's national championship had also competed at the World Challenge, and Equinox represented the country's delegation in the A Class after a few previous years in the Rookie Class. Equinox had a good meet last weekend, except the 1-pointer in Round 2 where a severe brainlock caused six point deductions.

Equinox cannot compete at the World Cup and has the ESL Championship on the team agenda, where the A Class will be applied. Equinox won last year's ESL Championship in the Rookie Class.

Lithuania's A Class team will also travel to Roosendaal where the ISR Grand Prix 2013 brings teams together in all four NSL categories. First, the Sun Path Products NSL News will now follow the Lithuanian delegation in Banja Luka where Round 1 is scheduled for Tuesday morning.

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