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Did You Know...

... that DeLand Norgies and Pro Team shared a leaderboard for the first time?

Nationals in Norway, Finland, Lithuania
posted Aug 7th, 2013 - Last weekend's first leaderboard was showing the scores from Norway, Finland and Lithuania before the next leaderboard included only the UK teams with a different competition draw. All three countries held their national championships at the same time.

Norway and Finland had prepared the synchronization of their draws and even used the same judges for both events, while the three teams in Lithuania joined in with a separate event and the same competition draw for their own nationals.

The overall leaderboard shows where the AAA Class teams finished after the two rounds that were completed all all three locations. Norway's three AAA Class teams made only two rounds, as some of the country's top 4way competitors were also player coaches for A Class lineups at the same time, where they completed additional five rounds.

August 3rd, 2013Rd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4Rd. 5Rd. 6Rd. 7Rd. 8Rd. 9Rd. 10TotalAvg
RankAAA ClassF,12,H,10N,7,O,8C,G,19,14P,L,15,A4,M,E,112,9,113,17,186,Q,K,205,22,D13,B,J,16TotalAvg
1DeLand Norgies (NO)1720--------3718.5
2Pro Team (FI)1718(17)(18)(19)(15)(15)(18)(15)(17)35(16.9)
3Magic 4 (LT)1411(11)(16)(13)-----25(13.0)
4Cleveland Steamers (NO)1111--------2211.0
5Tigers (FI)1010(13)(10)(16)(12)(12)(11)(9)(11)20(11.4)
6SolarFlakes (LT)410(6)(4)(10)-----14(6.8)
7Tyhja Katse (FI)52(3)(5)(4)(3)(3)(5)(4)(5)7(3.9)
8Cool As A Pinguin (NO)10--------10.5
Pro Team at the World Challenge 2010
The top of the AAA Class leaderboard is showing three well known team names. The DeLand Norgies and Finland's Pro Team had their annual reunions at the national championships and are still the best 4way teams in their countries.

Lithuania's Magic 4 are the best national 4way team and also represent Lithuania at the international events. In fact, Magic 4 is now getting ready for the trip to Banjaluka for the World Cup 2013, where Round 1 is scheduled for next Tuesday.

The Pro Team completed ten rounds in Finland and scored significantly higher than last year (16.9 - 15.8) at the national championships. Pro Team and DeLand Norgies are both not in active 4way training any longer. The DeLand Norgies retired after the World Meet 2003 in Spain and the Pro Team after Menzelinsk 2010.

DeLand Norgies in 2001DeLand Norgies in 2011
Three DeLand Norgies at the World Challenge 2010
DeLand Norgies and Pro Team have never competed directly with each other. Three Norgies members were at the same World Challenge (2010) where the Pro Team finished with a 23.2 average. That was the closest both teams ever came in their times.

They were not much closer last week. In fact, they were physically much farther away from each other. However, it was the first time that both team had their names on the same leaderboard, and it was planned to be like that.

The international order of the next three teams on the AAA Class leaderboard was identical with the Top 3. Finland's Tigers had a higher meet average after ten rounds, however, Norway's Cleveland Steamers were two points ahead after Round 2. Only the two teams from Lithuania will now travel to Banjaluka, while DeLand Norgies and Pro Team go back into retirement - probably until next year's national championships...

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