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Did You Know...

... that skydive Suffolk is back hosting meets for the Virginia Parachute Council?

Skydive Suffolk lineup in 2006
posted Aug 5th, 2013 - It was in August 2006 when the Virginia Parachute Council held a 4way competition the last time at Skydive Suffolk. DC3 (Christine Bruchac, Christi Meyer, Chris Halsa, Dave Owens, with Tres Waugh on camera) competed with a local lineup that consisted of Jim Burley, John Carlson, Eddie Heady, Mary Miller and Pete Schwartz on camera.

VPC Director Elizabeth Kang now reported that her 4way competitors met again at the same place on the July 27 weekend - seven years later. It was a new duel, this time between Safety Third and the Sky Godlings. Only one competitor attended both meets in 2006 and 2013.

Edward "Eddie" Heady competed for Skydive Suffolk in 2006 and finished with a 3.3 average after four rounds. He was now in the Sky Godlings lineup and gave Safety Third, with Elizabeth Kang in the lineup, a good competition for the upper regional VPC hand.

July 27th, 2013Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
RankAA Class 15,F,DL,A,N,186,O,K9,C,21P,G,M,8H,19,7TotalAvg
1FAQ (US)TSL99----189.0
2Glitter Girls (US)TSL48----126.0
3Daisy Dukes (US)TSL55----105.0
4Those Guys (US)NPSL54(5)(4)(4)(2)9(4.0)
5Safety Third (US)VPC35(6)(4)(5)-8(4.6)
5Plug It In Anywhere (US)NPSL44(6)(3)(4)(6)8(4.5)
7Sky Godlings (US)VPC43(6)(3)(4)-7(4.0)
Duel with DC 3 in 2006
Elizabeth Kang reported that Skydive Suffolk's event manager Lacy Schlappi helped both teams to have a very nice time in Suffolk. She said that the jumps were made from a Skyvan and that the exits were a little bit more challenging and different from the usual side door exit out of the Twin Otter.

The local team Sky Godlings had Adam Fisher, Ahmad Alroudhan, Edward Heady and Chris Ehlinger in the lineup. Elizabeth Kang's team was a lineup composed of two skydivers from Skydive Orange (Elizabeth Kang, Chad Salo) and two from Skydive Suffolk (Richard Brendt, Hugh Wurts).

It was a closely contested competition, but in the end, Safety Third won by three points. Elizabeth Kang said that the challenges from the Skyvan also included the videographers' exits, and the Sky Godlings lost a point due to a video bust.

VPC teams on the July 27 weekend
The Suffolk lineup was actually a variation of the team that competed last year at the VPC meets at Skydive Orange. However, one of the original team members had an unfortunate freeflying accident and is now recovering from a broken leg. Another team member is expecting her first child in the next couple of weeks, and the VPC competitors sent their congratulations to Vanessa and Scott Christensen.

The Suffolk team Sky Godlings plans to compete at the next VPC meet, which will be hosted at the Virginia Skydiving Center.

The five rounds on the July 27 weekend were once again judged by Nancy Gruttman-Tyler. Elizabeth Kang said that the event was concluded with a celebratory jump: "Two additional jumpers joined the teams, and the group built a 10way Speed Star followed by a second point to Compressed 5way Diamonds."

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