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Did You Know...

... that Czech teams posted record scores last weekend?

Briefing at the new host DZ in Kolin
posted Jul 29th, 2013 - Last weekend's first scores arrived from the Czech Republic where league director Jan Klapka invited the 4way teams to a new hosting dropzone in Kolin.

Eight teams followed the call, and they and were all rewarded with a competition draw that offered the opportunity to improve previous meet averages. Six of the eight teams took advantage of the faster sequences for the six rounds and posted new 2013 record averages.

The other two teams, Sky Vengeance and Impact, attended their first outdoor competition this year and were not in the situation to score higher than before. There was another reason why this was impossible. Both teams have scores of four previous meets on their team pages, which were all posted at this year's indoor meets at the Skydive Arena in Prague. Indoor scores are always significantly higher than outdoor results.

Czech Rookie Class teams
Impact joined the Czech Skydiving League in November 2012 for the indoor winter season and attended each of the six meets. The Rookie Class team turned out as the strongest Czech team in this category at the end of the winter season in April.

Impact did not attend the first outdoor meets of the year where another new Rookie Class team, Prilnave Kombosky, had joined the league in the meantime. Prilnave Kombosky competed only at the outdoor events.

Last weekend's competition in Kolin brought both Rookie Class teams eventually together for the first time this year, and the indoor experts were showing off the results of their wind tunnel training. Impact won the Rookie Class competition by a large margin.

July 27th, 2013Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
RankAAA Class15,F,D,1812,L,A,N6,O,K,59,16,CP,G,M,8H,19,7TotalAvg
1Bad Boys (CZ)1011131314137412.3
2Hvezdy (CZ)957101412579.5
3Relative Team (CZ)87108129549.0
4Accord (CZ)766598416.8
RankA ClassF,D,KL,A,N6,O9,CP,G,MH,19TotalAvg
1Zoonte (CZ)181012101697512.5
2Sky Vengeance (CZ)237771274.5
1Impact (CZ)8612595457.5
2Prilnave Kombosky (CZ)445244233.8
Not missed an outdoor meet yet: Zoonte
The Sky Vengeance story is almost identical. The A Class team attended all indoor meets of the Czech winter season and competed at an outdoor competition for the first time this year last weekend in Kolin.

Zoonte was the A Class team that had not attended any indoor meets before joining the league for the first outdoor competition in May, but the results were different. Zoonte has not missed an outdoor meet in the Czech Republic this year and posted another record average last weekend. Sky Vengeance could not keep up with Zoonte, despite the indoor preparations in the winter.

Sky Vengeance had joined the Czech Republic Skydiving League in the Rookie Class of the 2012 season at the national championships in August. The move up into the A Class came with the beginning of the indoor winter season.

Hosts of the Czech Republic Skydiving League
Hvezdy is the other Czech team in a new competition class this year. After competing in the AA Class throughout the winter season, Hvezdy tested the complete dive pool for the first time at an outdoor competition in May. The 2-round meet did not allow the opportunity for much AAA Class learning experience.

The results of Hvezdy's six rounds last weekend are showing that the team has made the transition successfully. Hvezdy finished ahead of the two teams who had already moved up into the AAA Class last year.

At the same time, the Bad Boyz have taken back the top spot in the AAA Class. The Relative Team managed to keep up with the Bad Boyz at this year's second outdoor meet over the two rounds in May. The Bad Boys were still working on adjustments with the new lineup at that point in time. The 12.3 average brings the Bad Boyz back up to the performance and scoring level of 2010.

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