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Did You Know...

... that the Northern California Skydiving League has a very strong comeback?

Formula 4 at the NSL Playoffs 2001
posted Jul 24th, 2013 - The Northern California Skydiving League is back in action after hibernating for 11 years. The 2001 season was the last one before only the Southwest Skydiving League and later the Southern California Skydiving League continued with 4way competition.

Lori Connor has now re-activated skydivers and DZs in the region and created an exciting schedule for the remainder of the 2013 season, which will prepare the 4way community for a complete and well planned 2014 season.

The new Northern California Skydiving League is bringing organized 4way competition back to the Northern California skies. In 2013, the league will hold the popular NSL Tunnel Kicker at iFLY SF Bay, as well as skills camps to get 4way flyers ready for a full season of competition in 2014. The league has also secured the support of five local dropzones to host the 2014 events.

Scores of the Northern California Skydiving League in September 2001
RankTeamRound 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
RankTeamRound 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
2Fallen Angels677811397.863.96
3Hi 554615214.260.69
Lori Connor and Krisanne Combs earning their WSCR wings
The new Northern California Skydiving League was the brainchild of a newer jumper, Lori Connor, who began jumping in 2012. She looked around as she built her skills in Formation Skydiving and wondered why there weren’t more opportunities for formal coaching and competition in Northern California. Although individual dropzones occasionally hosted camps and scrambles, there wasn’t a cohesive place to find 4way events in Northern California.

After being inspired by "Bridge the Gap" at Skydive Elsinore, a host for the Southern California Skydiving League, Lori Connor came home ready to build a stronger 4way scene in Northern California. While attending a 4way scrambles event at Bay Area Skydiving, organized by longtime Bay Area Skydiving jumper Mad John Dobleman, she joined in at the end of the day for her first all-female 8way jump. It was organized by Krisanne Combs, who has been jumping since 2004 and in Northern California since 2008.

Ready for 4way competition: Local Lodi jumpers
When Lori Connor decided to take on the position of the NCSL Director and bring back 4way to Northern California, she reached out to Krisanne Combs, who is a more experienced competitor after attending USPA Nationals in 4way, 8way, and 10way. Krisanne Combs eagerly signed on to help with event management, publicity, social media, and to build excitement at the local dropzones.

The new NCSL has also secured the support of several local 4way competitors, including Julius Frank, team member of 2008 USPA Intermediate Class Champion R4, who will serve as the NCSL head coach. Several other coaches have agreed to pitch in, including former members of Kaleidoscope, R4, and BAM!

The NCSL schedule includes the monthly Tunnel Kicker and Indoor Cloud League competition, which start in August at iFLY SF Bay. Several other experienced 4way competitors have expressed their interest in flying with new jumpers as they learn 4-way and improve their flying skills.

Coming soon: NSL Tunnel Kicker at iFLY SF Bay
Established local teams are excited about the opportunity to use the NCSL events as a training ground prior to attending the USPA Nationals 2014 and in the future. iFLY SF Bay Manager Emiko Maynetto and NCSL tunnel coach Brandon Fultz are eager to bring the Tunnel Kicker and Indoor Cloud League events to their wind tunnel and get more local skydivers become active at iFly SF Bay.

Local DZ management, including Ray Ferrell at SkyDance, Bill Dause at Parachute Center, Clay Bonavito at Bay Area Skydiving, Pat Garcia at Skydive Sacramento and Jackie Behrick at Skydive Monterey Bay are ready to support the league by hosting events and providing facilities and logistical support.

Locals Pete Swan and Katrina Heckley have also volunteered to help with league and event management, and USPA Regional Director Jason Putnam Gordon has offered his support of the NCSL, as well. The league launches the activities with a 4way Scramble this weekend at Bay Area Skydiving, followed by the first Tunnel Kicker at iFLY SF Bay on August 13 and its first NCSL skills camp at SkyDance Skydiving on August 24.

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