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Did You Know...

... that Denmark had extraordinary nationals this week?

Beautiful weather at Danish Nationals 2013
posted Jul 19th, 2013 - Denmark held the national 4way championships beginning earlier this week, and the 10-round meet was completed within two days. Correspondent Kjetil Nordin said that this has not happened in a long time in Denmark.

Unfortunately, the weather cooperated only for the competition. The two days of planned training before the meet were winded out. Kjetil Nordin said that the winds continued to blow throughout the competition, however, the conditions were jumpable according to the Danish rules.

The scores show a very tight competition for the silver and bronze medals, as it was expected. The Sun Path Products NSL News had last reported on 12 May 2013 how close the competition was between VAF Warriors and AirPlay.

New national 4way title: Voluntas Reunion
It became even closer and more exciting at the national championships since the national Aerodyne Steam lineup has caught up with the two other AAA Class contenders. Steam, Denmark's A-Team of the national 4way project, was still far behind VAF Warriors and AirPlay at the DFU Cup in May.

Voluntas Reunion, with highly experienced international 4way competitors of the past in the lineup, pulled away pretty early in the competition to win another national 4way title with a 24-point lead.

Kjetil Nordin reported that his own team, AirPlay, had a lot of trouble with "flat flying exits" and the resulting video busts on the first competition day: "After Round 4, we had a 3.0 bust average..." VAF Warriors pulled away, and Aerodyne Steam surprisingly kept up to finish only one point behind at the end of the first day and the completion of five rounds.

Danish Nationals 2013Rd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4Rd. 5Rd. 6Rd. 7Rd. 8Rd. 9Rd. 10TotalAvg
RankAAA Class13,L,1F,2,N,9M,7,G,C18,H,213,D,J,22A,6,1420,4,O19,8,165,E,P,Q12,11,BTotalAvg
1Voluntas Reunion (DK)1220(-2)23131613(-2)14142013158(-4)15.8
2VAF Warriors (DK)1116(-1)141412(-1)131311(-2)1911134(-4)13.4
3Aerodyne Steam (DK)91716(-1)12121012111810(-1)127(-2)12.7
4Airplay (DK)8(-3)17(-2)14(-4)10(-2)12121313188(-3)125(-14)12.5
Catching up: National A-Team Aerodyne Steam
Aerodyne Steam's videographer Stefan Rosenberg saw the specific flaws in AirPlay's exits and offered his help after Round 4. The advice worked well for the direct opponent and resulted in steeper exits and clean score sheets for AirPlay in the next five rounds.

Kjetil Nordin said that AirPlay returned the favor when they saw that Steam was preparing for Round 9 when it was time forr Round 8...

The second day of the competition shifted the attention from the battle for silver medals to bronze, as VAF Warriors were safe in 2nd place. Kjetil Nordin said that Aerodyne Steam's performance was very consistent but not strong enough to keep up with the more experienced teams in the first two places.

4way competitors on the way up to a 16way
It came down to a battle for bronze medals after AirPlay had cleaned up the exit and video situation. Steam and AirPlay were eventually tied going into Round 10.

Both teams completed 11 points in working time, but the judges had the last word. AirPlay lost three more points due to the re-occuring video problem, while Steam had only a 1-point deduction.

The early finish of the competition allowed the AAA Class competitors to do something that has only been talked about at many earlier national championships. All four AAA Class teams joined forces to get back in the air for a 16way. One load later, the team videographers also went up and did a special VFS jump. Kjetil Nordin explained: "In other words, a Video Formation Skydive with camera suits..."

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