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Did You Know...

... that the SDC Rhythm XP efforts in the Midwest are showing great results?

Meet activities last weekend at Chicagoland
posted Jul 16th, 2013 - The next scores from the Canadian Nationals 2013 at NouvelAir will follow later today and catch most of the recent Sun Path Products NSL News attention. However, there are still scores to come of last weekend's meet in the United Kingdom, and the Midwest Skydiving League leaderboard deserves a closer look, as well.

The MWSL scores will most likely be quite competitive even when comparing them with the ones to come from the UK 4way powerhouse. Ten teams competed at the Chicagoland Skydiving Center, which ties the participation record of June 2005 for this long standing MWSL host.

The decision of Alan Butt, previous MWSL Director, to pass the league management ball to SDC Rhythm XP is showing great results. It's the second time this year that ten teams came out to play with Rhythm members JaNette Lefkowitz and Mikhail Markine, first at Skydive Chicago and last weekend at the Chicagoland Skydiving Center.

MWSL - July 13th, 2013Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
RankAAA ClassD,7,6P,Q,5,19,K,2N,B,18,11O,19,M,10E,C,8,HTotalAvg
1Last Minute CSC (US)121010511126010.0
RankAA ClassD,7,6P,Q,19,K,2N,B,18O,19,ME,C,8TotalAvg
1CSC Survival Instinct (US)811121111106310.5
2Hawks (US)111010811116110.2
3CSC Inferno (US)81087119538.8
4SDC Accelerando (US)97881010528.7
5SDMW Direct Action (US)777667406.7
6CSC Flashpoint (US)603224172.8
RankA ClassD,7P,Q,69,KN,B,2O,19E,C,8TotalAvg
155 North (US)876766406.7
1Now Call (US)6812325366.0
2NADS (US)230313122.0
CSC Steel Breeze lineup in 2005
Five MWSL competitors witnessed both events when ten teams visited Chicagoland. CSC Survival Instinct members Brian Darnell and Flashpoint's Rich Madsen were team mates with CSC Steel Breeze in 2005 and posted a 6.8 average in June that year. Especially Survival Instinct now impressed with a 10.5 average last weekend.

Kevin Naftzger was filming Steel Breeze in June 2005 and is now on camera for SDC Accelerando and Hawks. Lem Castro and Julian Dawson outscored Steel Breeze with Has-Beens at the same 2005 meet in the AAA Class. They had former Rhythm member Laurent Beaudouin in the Tail slot last weekend.

Two of the Rhyhtm members (Mikhail Markine, Alex Bittner) had not even made their first jump yet in June 2005, and Steve Lefkowitz had barely completed his AFF when the ten teams competed at Chicagoland eight years ago. JaNette Lefkowitz and Mikhail Markine were now guiding nine of the ten teams to new record averages last weekend. It's a good year for the Midwest Skydiving League...

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