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Did You Know...

... that Turbo XP takes over the Carolina Skydiving League management?

posted Jul 4th, 2013 - The last Sun Path Products NSL News update covering Carolina Turbo XP's progress came after the Paraclete XP Outdoor Championship 2013 where the young US team once again closed in on the US top teams Arizona Airspeed and SDC Rhythm XP.

The story on 22 March 2013 also confirmed what the Sun Path Products NSL News had reported at the beginning of the year on 24 January 2013: Turbo is going full time. All team members focus only on 4way competition and are working in the skydiving business at Skydive Carolina.

The 2013 season is now in full swing, and Turbo Tail Joey Coffineau recently reported that the training has been going very well: "This is our first full-time training season and we’re on track to more than double any previous training season’s jump numbers. The team has beautiful new Vector Micron rigs and and G3 helmets. New jumpsuits are also planned to be debuted at Nationals. Turbo will arrive in Chicago very well prepared and with an aggressive new look."

Paraclete XP Outdoor 2013Rd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4Rd. 5Rd. 6Rd. 7Rd. 8Rd. 9Rd. 10TotalAvg
RankAAA Class6,17,15B,11,1618,N,229,4,FJ,E,C,3K,O,12,M5,D,8Q,13,14G,7,H,101,20,21TotalAvg
1Arizona Airspeed (US)21(-2)23(-1)1928(-1)33(-1)20(-3)22(-1)19(-2)25(-1)19(-1)22922.9
5SDC Rhythm XP (US)1718(-1)172528(-1)21(-2)2115(-2)19(-1)15(-2)19619.6
6Carolina Turbo XP (US)1717(-1)1622(-1)25221914(-1)1812(-3)18218.2
SDC Rhythm XP
Carolina Turbo XP
8way gold at USPA Nationals 2012: Turbocho
image by: Omniskore - Skydive Arizona
Joey Coffineau said that Turbo’s 8way team, TurbOcho, also continues this year. TurbOcho is moving up into the AAA/Open Class competition in 8way after winning the USPA Intermediate Class gold medals last year: "Minor line-up changes haven’t impeded progress, and the team is flying very well. The 2013 line-up consists of Mike Skillin, Joey Freeman, Doug Barron, Andre Van Heerden, Joey Coffineau, Andrew Happick, Chris Halsan, Rhonda Wilcox, and Chad Wilcox shooting video."

Carolina Turbo XP also has a new website since the beginning of the 2013 season where team specific information can be found.

The latest Turbo project is great news for the Formation Skydiving community in the Carolina Skydiving League region. CASL Director of 2012 and 2013, Golden Knights member Laura Dickmeyer, was not able to continue with the management of the league and the meets and was looking for help. Carolina Turbo XP has now taken on the league management, as SDC Rhythm XP has successfully done it in the Midwest region. The CASL skydivers will not have to wait until 2014, as Turbo will take over right away. Today's announcement provides some more details:

Hello CASL and 4way Fans:

It has been a turbulent 2013 season for the Carolina Skydiving League - and we are going to turn it into a TurboXP season now.

It is true and sad that Laura Dickmeyer was not able to continue with her CASL efforts, and we appreciate everything she has done to help the 4way community in the Carolinas this year and last.

However, we have great news at the same time! The US shooting stars in 4way competition, Carolina Turbo XP, have decided to become involved and run with the CASL ball. The best thing is that they will not make you wait for the 2014 season. Turbo is ready to offer you the best meets you can get in the area on the already scheduled dates.

Skydive Carolina in Chester has confirmed that they are ready to host the upcoming meet on the date originally planned, and the dropzone will be ready and well prepared for a great 4way meet that will accommodate all who want to have a fun weekend.

The meet in Chester is not only for the teams who want to get ready for the USPA Nationals. Of course, the Turbo members can provide as much expert advice and guidance that you can handle with your 4way team (coaching will also be free of charge at the meet). They have still more in the planning stages and will be available for individuals who would like to form a team for the day/weekend. They will help put lineups together and even fly with you if you don’t have a complete team.

Visiting Skydive Carolina in Chester will also offer you the opportunity to see where and how one of the best teams in the country (and potential future world champions) lives and trains. The Turbo members have gone full time in skydiving competition and represent the next generation of world class 4way competitors. Check out how they do it – they will share their knowledge and experience with you.

SDC Rhythm XP is currently managing the Midwest Skydiving League successfully. Now you can help show that Carolina Turbo XP can bring your area’s standards for competition and fun to at least the same level. The race is on.

If you need further information or have questions, please don't hesitate to contact Skydive Carolina, Turbo XP, or the NSL. We will work to get the answers you need.

Go Carolina - Go Turbo

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