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Did You Know...

... that 8way world champion Brian "BK" Krause plans to honor the legendary D-1 with a 22way formation?

8way world champion Brian "BK" Krause with the Golden Knights
posted Jul 1st, 2013 - Golden Knights 8way world champion Brian "BK" Krause recently informed the Sun Path Products NSL News that the National Skydiving Museum is inviting skydivers to participate in 22way formation skydives in honor of Lew Sanborn, the legendary holder of D License #1. The jumps will take place during the weekend of September 7th, 2013 in conjunction with the National Skydiving Museum Hall of Fame Inductee Dinner.

Event location is Skydive Chicago, host of the USPA Nationals 2013 a week later in September. Brian Krause said that Skydive Chicago is the right place for this event: "It is a world-class skydiving center built from the ground up to handle any skydiver's need."

He said that hosting the 2013 national championships provides a great and exciting environment for the 22ways right before the start of the annual competition: "Competitors from all over the nation and the world will be onsite preparing for the Nationals that kick off on September 12th."

Dive design by Rags Raghanti
Brian Krause is looking for a team of talented skydivers to build a 22way formation in recognition of Lew Sanborn’s pioneering efforts in the sport. He said that the team will make six jumps from 15,000 feet on Saturday, and he provided some of the details:

"Although the formation is only a 22way, Rags Raghanti has once again engineered a formation and has challenged the group with three pieces that have to be flown together in order to maintain symmetry."

The Museum has brought in a small team of organizers to make the event successful. Kirk Verner and Rook Nelson will help Brian Krause and oversee the 22ways.

Fund raising for the National Skydiving Museum
Brian Krause then explained the logistics and registration for the event:

"Each 22way way member is asked to purchase a Memorial Brick from the National Skydiving Museum in order to raise funds for the construction.

Each Memorial Brick can be purchased at the cost of $1000.00 and includes participation in the 22way jumps, entry to the Pioneers Lounge Barbeque on Friday evening, the Hall of Fame Dinner on Saturday evening and an event T-Shirt. 50% of each brick purchase will be tax deductible."

Hall of Fame induction party in 2011
He said that this year's Hall of Fame Dinner features the induction of skydiving legends Curt Curtis, Jack Jefferies, Kim Emmons Knor, Jackie Smith, Jim Wallace and Chuck MacCrone:

"We expect more than 300 guests to join in the Hall of Fame reception and dinner sponsored by PIA, Saturday evening September 7th. The event will include a cocktail reception, sit-down dinner and video introductions for each inductee. Museum trustee and inductee Curt Curtis will kick off the program with his opening remarks, and DZO Rook Nelson will welcome and greet the guests. Finally Mr. Lew Sanborn, the keynote speaker, will add his unique perspective to the evening." Interested skydivers can get in touch with Brian Krause directly by e-mail.

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