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Did You Know...

... that Fuzion posted the highest Canadian meet average in female 4way history last weekend?

Evolution power in Canada: Ben and Martin Lemay with local skydivers
posted Jun 19th, 2013 - The missing scores of last weekend's events have arrived from Canada where Parachute Montreal hosted the first of five meets that will be covered by the NSL Sun Path News this year.

The members of the Canadian world class 4way team Evolution have become very pro-active in generating teams and 4way fun on their home turf, and the participation at the outdoor season opener shows the first results of the Evolution activities.

The NSL Sun Path News began with 2013 coverage from Canada in March, when SkyVenture Montreal hosted the Canadian Indoor Championship 2013. Nine 4way teams now followed up with the first outdoor scores, plus two teams in VFS 4way.

June 15th, 2013Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7TotalAvg
RankAAA ClassA,N,B,J,10L,K,7,121,19,178,H,Q,20P,6,1621,13,189,14,3TotalAvg
1Fuzion (CA)181411151410129413.4
2Runway 4 (CA)12107111088669.4
RankAA ClassA,N,B,JL,K,71,198,H,QP,6,2021,139,14TotalAvg
1Backclap (CA)10847---297.3
RankA ClassA,N,BL,K,719,J8,HP,621,Q9,CTotalAvg
1Superfun (CA)10696---317.8
2Les 25 Points (CA)8874---276.8
3Charlie's Angels (CA)9762---246.0
4Les Cocogri (CA)10317---215.3
1Furious Rookies (CA)103----41.3
2The JL Team (CA)021----31.0
RankVFS 4wayA,N,B,J,10L,K,7,121,19,178,H,Q,20P,6,1621,13,189,14,3TotalAvg
1Drop Outs (CA)081011---297.3
2Para Montreal (CA)2078---174.3
Crimson Fox at the Mondial Dubai 2012
The two AAA Class teams completed seven rounds, and both lineups are actually eligible for the female 4way category. Runway 4 competed at the Canadian Indoor Championship with the complete lineup and needed Donald Poulin to fill a slot at last weekend's outdoor competition.

Fuzion is also an all-female team and posted the first scores this year. The 13.4 average after the seven rounds at Parachute Montreal is impressive and stands for the highest meet average that a female Canadian team has ever posted.

Crimson Fox was the second female 4way team from Canada at a World Championship of Formation Skydiving and had finished with an 11.0 average last year at the Mondial Dubai 2012. Canada had finished in 18th place with a 13.0 average in Gap 2003, two years after the female 4way category was officially and fully integrated.

Crimson FoxFuzion
Fuzion last weekend at Parachute Montreal
Last weekend's 13.4 average is lifting Canada not only over the 2003 average. Fuzion would have made the semifinals in Dubai 2012 and would not even be too far away from a slot in the finals.

It is the beginning stage for the new team, and it would be no surprise to see the team climb up the world ladder in the female 4way category in a similar way as Evolution has been doing it i the open class. The Evolution members will be great help for Fuzion and the team progression.

The new videos are showing Crimson Fox for Canada at the Mondial Dubai 2012 and Fuzion with Round 1 last weekend. The NSL Sun Path News will follow up with more information and more videos very soon.

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