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... that 20-pointers at iFLY Orlando send Florida indoor flyers up into the next category?

Florida Skydiving League at iFLY Orlando Tuesday night
posted Jun 5th, 2013 - The NSL News just wrapped up the May competition of the Indoor Cloud League with the story on 1 June 2013, and the first scores and videos for the month of June are already available.

Teams, competitors and skydivers of the Florida Skydiving League made their way to iFLY Orlando on a wet and rainy Tuesday evening this week. However, the flight chamber remained dry for most of the time, and the eight different lineups challenged the other indoor groups with the first June scores in all six cloud categories.

Florida had lost the May competition to the Northwest Skydiving League at iFLY Seattle, as FSL indoor head coach Ari Perelman had to acknowlegde in his opening briefing. The Florida group now opened the June competition with exactly the same total number of points as in May.

NSL Reality TVCompetition Sequences
Moving up: Robert Harris - Mikaela Fernandez
The sequences for the month of June seem to be slightly more challenging compared to the May scores. However, some FSL competitors still posted scores of 20 and higher with their lineups this week and have one second chance in the same category before they have to move up into the next competition class.

Marina Beretta and Craig Sagalow accomplished the benchmark for the first time in the Rookie AAA Class, while Steve Hubbard is now done in this category. His team DeLand Slide is competing in the A Class anyway where he will also have to fly at his next Indoor Cloud competition for Florida.

Mikaela Fernandez and Robert Harris both scored higher than 20 points for the second time in the Rookie AA Class and are now looking at their first sequences next time that do not begin with a Star. Noelle Mason has another opportunity in the same category. She had only scored higher than 20 points in the Rookie A Class before.

June 2013AAA ClassAA ClassA ClassRookie AAARookie AARookie ATotal
1NWSL/iFLY Seattle-------
1FSL/iFLY Orlando251415232511113
1SkyVenture New Hampshire-------
Erica Gorski with two player coaches in the Rookie AA Class
Florida's Indoor Cloud League performance in May had included the story of Erica Gorski, who started with 1-on-1 training and ended up in Florida's Rookie A Class lineup the same night with an 18-pointer, one single point behind the Northwest group at iFLY Seattle.

She caught the attention of the NSL News again on 21 May 2013, which covered the second outdoor competition of the Florida Skydiving League this year. Her team FournicaterZ had received some help from a Hottentotsgot...

The NSL News used the opportunity of the FSL Tunnel Kicker to ask her for more details of the special occasion at Skydive City. She said that she was inspired by the Mantis position and posted a 25-pointer in the Rookie AA Class on Tuesday night, which did not make it onto the Indoor Cloud League scoreboard. The second Rookie AA Class lineup scored 25 points, as well, with only one player coach. Erica Gorski still has her two 20-point opportunities.

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