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Did You Know...

... that Raykipo is in perfect step with NMP-PCH Hayabusa?

Deserve 2nd place: VAF Warriors
posted May 14th, 2013 - Last weekend's leaderboard is complete, and teams from the United Kingdom won all four categories.

The Top 4 teams in the AAA Class, two from the UK and two from Denmark, all had attended the World Challenge 2013, as well, and the NSL News reported earlier this week that VAF Warriors and Airplay switched their rankings between the indoor meet in Bedford and the outdoor competition in Denmark.

The overall AAA Class leaderboard still needs another adjustment. The teams are ranked by the meet averages after each weekend's events, even if the number of completed rounds is different. VAF Warriors actually outscored one of the two UK teams after three rounds and deserves the 2nd place. The outcome of the other additional rounds in Denmark did not change the overall rankings.

May 11th, 2013Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
RankAAA ClassD,E,4,J20,15,11A,M,P,12F,13,O,3B,10,26,22,16TotalAvg
1Bodyflight Isis (UK)181118---4715.7
2VAF Warriors (DK)171014(10)(12)(11)4113.7
3Raykipo (UK)141015---3913.0
4Airplay (DK)16910(12)(12)(9)3511.7
5Low Rollin (UK)11611---289.3
6Aerodyne Steam (DK)9610(8)(6)(4)258.3
7Satori Blue (UK)845---175.7
Last weekend's AAA Class leaderboard offers another interesting topic. The team in 3nd place, Raykipo, competed for the first time in this category. Raykipo was still in the AA Class at the World Challenge where VAF Warriors and Airplay competed in the AAA Class.

Raykipo is one more great example of UK teams progressing through the four NSL categories year by year. Raykipo has now arrived in the AAA Open Class with three members of the original lineup who launched this team project in the Rookie Class of the United Kingdom Skydiving League 2010.

Raykipo, however, added a special twist to the team progression. The UK team has made it a very successful tradition to use the World Challenge indoor competition as the closing event of the previous competition season. Raykipo is in perfect step with NMP-PCH Hayabusa and has won the World Challenge three consecutive times.

Bodyflight IsisRaykipo
Rookie Class in 2010: Raykipo
The amazing Raykipo team career began with a 2nd place at the UK Nationals 2010 after attending four meets of the regular season with a consistent progression, taking off from a 4.5 average in the Rookie Class at the very first competition in May 2010. However, the 2010 season was only over for Raykipo after winning the Rookie Class competition at the World Challenge 2011.

Liz Moor, Katy Saxby, Mike Roberts and Andres Von Walter then competed in the A Class throughout the UKSL 2011 season and won the bronze medals at the UK Nationals. The 1st place in the A Class at the World Challenge 2012 was the end of Raykipo's A Class competition.

The new 2012 lineup (Liz Moor, Katy Saxby, Mike Roberts and new member Andres Gonzales) took on the AA Class dive pool throughout the outdoor season and won the silver medals at the UK Nationals last year. As usual, the 1st place at the World Challenge 2013 completed the Raykipo time in the AA Class.

AAA Class in 2013: Raykipo
The 2013 season began for Liz Moor, Katy Saxby and Mike Roberts with another new team member. Hari Ganapathy has joined Raykipo and did not keep the team from following the same pattern. The AA Class is history after three years in three different categories, and it's time for the AAA Class dive pool.

Round 3 of last weekend's outdoor meet brought the first slot switcher to Raykipo in a competition. The 15-pointer outscored the VAF Warriors by a point. Two more slot switchers were waiting, but the weather did not let the UK teams get that far.

Last weekend's UKSL meet was also the first outdoor competition for Sarah Cannon-Smith's new female lineup, Bodyflight Isis, and her team took the top spot on the overall leaderboard. Isis is aiming at winning the qualification as UK's national team in the female 4way category at the UK Nationals this year.

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