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Did You Know...

... that Caroline Layne picks up 4way where her brother James left it in 1992?

David and Caroline Layne at Greene County Skydiving
posted Apr 29th, 2013 - "David Layne was an old friend of Jim West's from England who had moved to Xenia a few years earlier with his wife Rira, eight-year-old son James, and six-year-old daughter Carolina. The Layne family had been a presence on the drop zone for a few years before I actually took it over. The Greene County Sport Parachute Club was a family business with a club atmosphere back then, and like other members of the "club", the Laynes contributed to keeping the place moving."

"I had become very close with Rita, David, and their kids. Once i started running it, the drop zone became the Green County Skydiving Center. In many ways, it was still a family business, and the Laynes were my family. David became the chief instructor, Rita ran the office, Carolina helped Rita every way she could. And James, well, James went crazy about skydiving."

This was Dan BC writing in Chapter 13 of his book "Above All Else" that the NSL News introduced on 29 April 2011.

Reunion: Jim Fangmeyer - John Woody - Caroline Layne - Dan BC
Dan BC's book includes the tragic plane crash in 1992 when a full Twinotter load crashed in Perris. Perris Air Moves was on that load, sixteen people were killed in the accident, including Perris staff people, another 4-way team, students and Air Moves member James Layne. It's the same James Layne who was eight years old when Dan BC met him first.

His two years younger sister Caroline Layne made her first jump when she was 13 years old. It was also Dan BC who took her to the skies for the first time at the Green County Skydiving Center. She does not come back later in Dan BC's book, even though they are still very close friends. However, she continued with skydiving for several years after her brother lost his life in the 1992 plane crash.

Eventually, her life changed and she left skydiving behind for a while.

Apr 20th, 2013Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4TotalAvg
RankA Class G,Q,JK,27,PN,B,FTotalAvg
1Zunday (US)FSL81010164411.0
2Noelles Butt (US)FSL225-93.0
3DeLand Slide (US)FSL7---77.0
4Team Miami (US)FSL2---22.0
Caroline Layne with Hal Spence for DeLand Slide
She came back to skydiving a year and a half ago in Florida where she lives in Jacksonville now. Dan BC has been living and working on the other side of the United States for many years. However, they are united again in - 4way competition. Dan BC was coaching and filming 4way teams last weekend at the season opener of the Southern California Skydiving League, while Caroline Layne has joined a 4way team in DeLand and competed a weekend earlier.

She is the Point for DeLand Slide (Randy Cutlip, Steve Hubbard, player coach Gilles Dutrisac) who just launched the team project for the 2013 season. The NSL News reported the challenging weather conditions for the FSL season opener earlier. The jump plane in DeLand took off one single time on the meet weekend, and Caroline Layne with her new team was on board for the first competition round of the year.

She was in the Center Outside position for this jump. The first training camp with player coach Gilles Dutrisac in the new lineup and with new slots is coming up this weekend. Caroline Layne is ready to follow the same passion that her brother shared before he was stopped abruptly in 1992.

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