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Did You Know...

... that Round 3 videos feature the highscorers in other categories?

38.0 average after Round 3: Kalle Pohjola
posted Apr 5th, 2013 - The first new NSL-TV clip features once again the top teams in 4way Open and 4way Women in Round 3. This time though, the NSL News did not leave the flying chamber after Aerokart Deep Blue completed the AAA Class rotation.

It was time to take a closer look at the teams who delivered the amazing performances in Round 2. Raykipo's 50-pointer in Round 2 was probably the highest indoor score ever in the A Class. NSL-TV then captured the team's next round, which was the slowest one so far in this category.

Then the NSL News staid on for the A Class competition where the second team from Finland had the lead after Round 2, Heroes of the Arctic Circle. The team from Rovaniemi in nothern Finland had won Round 1 and 2 and continued the streak in Round 3, as well. There is a very good chance that the two teams from Finland may take the first places in those two categories.

Round 3 Open and WomenPro Team Extended
Eyes on the Fun Flag: Paul Mayer and Evolution
There were more reasons to stay even longer in the flying chamber. Black Majick was the last team in the A Class rotation. Host Paul Mayer and NSL News anchor Joey Jones have a lot of fun to show the audience and the other A Class teams that they can master the A Class dive pool on their backs. It is no surprise that Paul Mayer keeps his eyes on the Fun Flag...

Finally, the NSL-TV session of Round 3 came to its end with the shooting star of the competition, Kalle Pohjola of the Pro Team Extended from Finland. He is now averaging 38.0 after three rounds in his Tail slot, and the NSL-TV camera followed him and his team before, through and after Round 3.

Other than that, Evolution completed as many points in working time as NMP-PCH Hayabusa in Round 3. The Belgian team was cleaner and gained another point for the lead. However, Evolution is closer than expected.

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