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Did You Know...

... that the judges pulled an average competition draw out of the bag in Bedford?

Almost a Super Sequence - Competition draw in Bedford
posted Apr 5th, 2013 - The live competition draw at the World Challenge 2013 almost generated a Super Sequence for Round 1. Four Random Formations were already drawn consecutively, and only Block 3 came in the way.

The World Challenge used to have a Super Sequence in the draw by default. Host Paul Mayer changed this policy two years ago when a majority of participants voted for the same drawing procedures as they are applied at outdoor competitions. This year's draw begins with two fast sequences. 15 of the 16 Random Formations are in the 10-round meet and 20 of the 22 blocks. One fast block (5) and one slow block (13) are missing, and it seems to be an average draw.

NMP-PCH Hayabusa is holding the highest meet averages with 30.5 in 2011 and 30.4 last year. The Belgian team will surely try to break the 30-average once again and improve the previous highscores.

J-Force with father Jan and son James Lescrauwaet (left)
The NSL Reality TV camera followed the teams with their preparations after the competition draw. There was one hour of time to get ready for Round 1 at 9:30 am. The NSL TV live coverage will begin with the Top 10 teams at the end of the rotation for the first round.

The dirtdive of a Dynamic 4way team looks different than the one of a traditional 4way team, as the newest NSL Reality TV clip shows. The team from Skydive Dubai was the example for the NSL News. All three Dubai coaches, Eliana Rodriguez, Alena Chistova and Craig Girard, will be competing in the active lineups due to injuries.

The NSL News also detected another family team in Bedford. J-Force from the Netherlands includes father Jan and son James Lescrauwaet. This is Jeroen "Bob" Nollet's team who is the alternate for NMP-PCH Hayabusa. Jeroen Vanderhaegen completes the lineup. The team name is related to the first names of the members...

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