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Did You Know...

... that Airspeed Bloopers feature the fun and work combination of the unique 2011 - 2012 lineup?

Gold medals in Dubai 2012
posted Mar 25th, 2013 - Arizona Airspeed is usually known for excellent skydiving performance and for winning 4way and 8way competitions, plus the 10way and 16way medals at the USPA Nationals. A new Airspeed video shows a different side of the reigning 4way world champions...

The lineup that competed for Airspeed in 2011 and 2012 (Mark Kirkby, Thomas Hughes, Niklas Hemlin, Josh Hall, Bill Schmitz) accomplished more than any other one in Airspeed history. Not only that the 27.9 average at the Mondial Dubai 2012 was the highest outdoor result in the history of the sport and beat even the French 27.7 average in Menzelinsk 2010, which was boosted by a Super Sequence. The incredible 1-point finish in Dubai also saved the clean record for this lineup. Arizona Airspeed was never defeated in an outdoor competition between 2011 and 2012.

Mark Kirkby's first legendary Airspeed lineup (Jack Jefferies, Dan BC, Kirk Verner) managed to win all meets in a longer time period, including gold medals in 1995 and 1997. However, there were not as many competitions at that time, and the first Airspeed lineup was eventually dedeated by France in 1999.

Gold medals in 1995 and 1997
Mark Kirkby's next lineup, with Craig Girard, John Eagle and Neal Houston, won gold medals for the USA in Spain 2001 but were defeated by the Golden Knights at the USPA Nationals 2002 and by DeLand Majik in 2003.

Airspeed Odyssey (Eliana Rodriguez, Craig Girard, Andy Delk, Brian Johnson) then started with a 3rd place at the USPA Nationals 2005 and did not win in 2006.

Mark Kirkby came back to Arizona Airspeed after a 2-year break (Fastrax) and took Brian Johnson's slot. Odyssey with Mark Kirkby was finally back on a winning trip starting in 2007. This series included 4way gold medals in Maubeuge 2008 but did not last through the World Meet 2010 where France won the 4way and 8way gold medals.

Then came the 2011 lineup and attended a total of nine outdoor meets without giving away any of them.

Gold medals in 2001
image by: Omniskore
It was only a 2-year period for the Airspeed 2012 lineup, while the previous teams continued and tried to defend their gold medals with the same lineups.

However, Mark Kirkby and Thomas Hughes have started their new Airspeed cycle and kept the streak going at the Paraclete XP Outdoor Championship 2013.

The video shows that the past two years were a combination of hard work and a lot of fun. Airspeed went through the same challenges that each 4way team has to master, and the bloopers feature some of them. The fun factor has always been an important part of Airspeed's business plan, as it should be for each team.

The Airspeed Bloopers will be a lasting memory of a unique lineup.

Gold medals in 2008
The new team, with Chris Farina and Thiago Gomes, faces a tough situation. NMP-PCH Hayabusa has a head start with the same lineup as in 2011 and 2012. Russia (Barkli) and Canada (Evolution) are catching up, while US opponent SDC Rhythm XP has maintained the proximity to the reigning champions.

Josh Hall and Niklas Hemlin will follow the new Airspeed lineup with great interest and from close by, as they will still be around. Niklas Hemlin was coaching the two teams from Brazil (Ladies First, Anima) in DeLand and also competed with them filling open slots. Josh Hall is traveling to Bedford next week where he will compete for Paraclete XP4 (Kirk Verner, John D'Annunzio, Brian Krause) at the World Challenge 2013.

Airspeed videographer Bill Schmitz is leaving the team, as well, as he recently announced. However, he will also be around, just in a different position and in front of the camera this time. He plans to join a 4way team and turn points himself. Welcome to the club...

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