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Did You Know...

... that it's an Airspeed wrap in Eloy?

posted Feb 15th, 2009 - The four AAA Class teams completed their missing three rounds of the Valentine's Meet 2009 today, and nothing changed between Airspeed Odyssey and Perris Fury.

Fury won the first round of the day by a point, but it was once again only caused by three Airspeed penalties in Round 8.

The Perris team lost its own two points in Round 10, which reduced the score for the slowest sequence of the competition draw from 14 to 12 points.

The NSL News will follow up with more information and videos of the competition jumps later.

Airspeed Odyssey better than ever

Airspeed Odyssey 2009 is better than ever

The day is over in Eloy, and Airspeed Odyssey made a statement. It is a 12-point difference to Perris Fury after seven rounds, which does not even consider the loss of six point, while Fury has been clean all the way. Can anybody stop Airspeed this year?

Team Crystal is from Russia and competed already last year. The NSL News still has to confirm the current lineup.

The AA Class teams completed their meet after six rounds, while four of the five AAA Class teams continue for a 10-round competition. The NSL News will continue with the updates tomorrow.

Airspeed is up by four after five

The scores of the first four rounds at the Valentine's Meet 2009 are posted. Airspeed Odyssey's Craig Girard took the time after Round 4 to walk to the scoreboard in Eloy and phone the numbers to the NSL office in DeLand. He promised to follow up with the scores of the coming rounds, as well. Thanks, Craig.

He was in good spirits on the phone, as his team performed well, and the scores have been impressive. Airspeed Odyssey dominates the competition with Perris Fury so far and leads by five points after four rounds.

Fury managed to win Round 3 by one point. This happened only because Airspeed lost four points at the top of the jump due to non-judgeable formations. Airspeed lost another two points in Round 4. The Perris team is obviously doing very well with a 25.0 average at the moment. However, the slower sequences are still to come.

Tropical Fish is the Canadian team that won the silver medals at the Canadian Nationals 2007 behind Evolution. AZ Throttle competed in the AA Class last year and placed 4th at the USPA Nationals 2008. The Arizona team moved up into the AAA Class this year.

Black Ice won the AA Class competition at last year's Valentine's Meet with a 7.7 average. Cold Fusion competed at the same meet, as well, and is back and much closer this weekend in Eloy. Stay tuned, the leaderboard will be updated soon.

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